Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rise on Health-Care Rally, Oil Surges Before Fed Minutes

[Bloomberg] Yen at Strongest in 17 Months Probing Limit of Japan's Tolerance

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Extend Drop as Growth Concern Offsets Oil Gain

[Bloomberg] Global Bond Yield Plunge to Record 1.3% in Flashing Warning Sign

[Bloomberg] Pfizer Confirms Termination of Proposed $160 Billion Allergan Merger

[Bloomberg] Biggest Banks to Face Tougher Debt Limits to End Too-Big-to Fail

[Bloomberg] Morgan Stanley: People Might Be Worried About Subprime Auto Bonds Because of the 'Big Short' Movie

[Bloomberg] For Island of 500,000 Companies, Panama Leaks Unleash Storm

[Bloomberg] Japan is Fast Approaching the Quantitative Limits of Quantitative Easing

[Bloomberg] China Coal Miner Fails to Make Bond Payment Amid Slowing Economy

[Bloomberg] Yingli Fails to Reach Deal to Extend Repayments Due on May 12

[Economic Times] Japan February coincident index falls at fastest pace since 2011 earthquake 

[Reuters] Germany sticks to Greek privatisation revenue goal of 50 ban eur

[WSJ] IMF Warns of Possible Crises for Emerging Markets Hit by Outflows

[FT] US tax crackdown provokes foreign fury

[FT] Currency wars backfire for Japan and Europe

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Pfizer to Terminate $160 Billion Merger With Allergan

[Reuters] Dollar slides to 17-month low vs yen as stocks, oil fall

[Bloomberg] Iceland PM Resigns Following Protests Over Offshore Investments

[Bloomberg] Global Profits Recession Leaves Investors With Nowhere to Hide

[Bloomberg] California Faces Blackouts After Historic Sempra Gas Leak