Saturday, December 10, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Credit Market Investors are Watching for a Federal Reserve Pivot

[NPR] Authorities are urging indoor masking in major cities as the 'tripledemic' rages

[Reuters] China's capital swings from anger over zero-COVID to coping with infections

[AP] Facing COVID surge, China expanding hospitals, ICUs

[Reuters] Russia drones smash power network in Odesa, leaving 1.5 million without power

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOE Divisions on Rates Set to Deepen With UK Stagflation Outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] How a $144 Million Property Default Started Korea’s Credit Crunch

[WSJ] Fed Rate Increases Are Squeezing Consumer-Finance Companies

[WSJ] Utility Bills Rise as Americans Pay Off Storm-Recovery Costs for Decades to Come

[WSJ] China Props Up Belt-and-Road Borrowers Via Unusual Channel

[FT] Investors withdraw record levels of coins from crypto exchanges

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall St Week Ahead U.S. stock rally faces gauntlet of CPI data, Fed meeting

[Reuters] Analysis: U.S. financial conditions have eased. So far the Fed is okay with it

[Reuters] Blackstone may slow the launch of private equity fund after investor withdrawals, Financial Times reports

[Reuters] Russian drone attacks target power network in Ukraine's Odesa, officials say

[Reuters] EU at odds over gas price cap as 12 countries criticise latest proposal

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Iran Support of Russian Military Set to Grow

[Reuters] China's Xi calls for oil trade in yuan at Gulf summit in Riyadh

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Arctic Weather Finally Hits Europe and Will Test Energy Supplies

[Bloomberg] The $115 Billion Thematic ETF Boom Lives On Even as Losses Mount

[Bloomberg] US Vegetable Prices Soar Nearly 40% as Water Cuts Crush Supply

[NYT] Even as China Eases Covid Rules, Some Youths Still Fear a Grim Future

[NYT] Wish You Were Here. Ignore the Floods and Fires.

[WSJ] A New Financial Threat Emerges in Foreign-Exchange Swaps

[WSJ] Binance Is Trying to Calm Investors, but Its Finances Remain a Mystery

[FT] Blackstone may slow launch of private equity fund after investor withdrawals

[FT] China faces an uncertain future in the zero-Covid endgame

[FT] We haven’t reduced financial risk, just transformed it

[FT] Gulf Arab states draw closer to China as Xi visits Riyadh