Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] Oil falls nearly 4 percent after tentative nuclear deal for Iran

[Reuters] Exclusive: Greece tells creditors it will run out of cash on April 9

[Bloomberg] Americans Watched Their Incomes Shrink, Except For the Highest-Earners

[Bloomberg] Traders Are Now Expecting the Fed to Raise Rates Later Than Ever Before

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Oil falls more than 3 percent as Iran, big powers negotiate

[Bloomberg] Iran Says No Breakthrough After All-Night Nuclear Talks

[Bloomberg] Samaras Says He’d Join Alliance to Keep Greece in Euro

[Reuters] Unidentified troops land in Aden after Houthis seize center

[Bloomberg] ECB Makes QE Bonds Available for Lending to Ease Liquidity Woes

[Bloomberg] ECB Account Shows Officials Prepared to Alter Stimulus If Needed

[Bloomberg] What to Watch Out for in Today's ECB Monetary-Policy Accounts

[Bloomberg] Takeover Boom Seen Fueled by Strong Dollar, Hunt for Growth

[WSJ] Brazil’s Petrobras Obtains $3.5 Billion in Financing From China Development Bank

[FT] Emerging markets: The great unravelling

[Bloomberg] Good Friday Risk Looms for Treasuries on U.S. Employment Report

[Bloomberg] Shanghai Traders Make Trillion-Yuan Stock Bet Backed by Debt

[Der Spiegel] Geopolitical Tremors: America, Nuclear Talks and the New Middle East

[Reuters] ECB's Lautenschlaeger casts doubts on QE's effectiveness - Wirtschafts Woche

[Bloomberg] Turkey’s 10-Hour Blackout Shows Threat to World Power Grids