Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cracks Appear in World’s Biggest Bond Market as Fed Pulls Back

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] COP26 Seals Breakthrough Climate Deal After Major Compromises

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Slowdown Poses Threat for Global Recovery: Eco Week

[Bloomberg] Buyout Bosses Enjoying $1 Trillion Boom See Prices Go ‘Bananas’

[Bloomberg] Blinken Expressed Taiwan Concerns to China’s Wang Yi in Call

[WSJ] Inflation Surge Whips Up Market Froth

[WSJ] Covid-19 Cases Rise in Pockets of North and West, Halting Delta Variant’s Decline in U.S.

[FT] The Fed must abandon average inflation targeting

[FT] Chinese state developers step up land auction activity to rescue local governments

[FT] Belarus seeks Russian missiles as border tensions rise

Saturday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Brainard’s Fed Contention Puts Focus on Inflation, Jobs Views

[NPR] Inflation is surging and people are hopping mad

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Charting Global Economy: Inflation Shows Few Signs of Cooling

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Retail Traders Show Signs of Pulling Back After Wild Market Ride

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wild Bidding Wars Erupt at Used-Tractor Auctions Across the U.S.

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Developer Sunac Raises $953 Million in Share Sale Combo

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China and India Raise Objections to Final Text: COP26 Update

[CNBC] Gold is set to rally the coming months, two experts say. The key level they’re watching

[Reuters] 'Inconceivable' Australia would not join U.S. to defend Taiwan - Australian defence minister

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Says ‘Nothing Good’ If Belarus Halts Gas Flows to EU

[Bloomberg] Your Weekend Reading: Inflation Surge Has U.S. Consumers Worried

[Bloomberg] Putin Masses Troops to Tell NATO to Stay Out of Ukraine

[WSJ] Labor Market Has No Slack in Sight

[FT] Australia vows to help US defend Taiwan from Chinese attacks

[FT] The Fomo rally: ‘fear of missing out’ helps fuel soaring markets

[FT] US warns aggression against Ukraine would be ‘serious mistake for Russia’