Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greek Talks Break Up in Riga as Earlier Optimism Evaporates

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico’s Debt Payments Set to Take Up 16% of Next Budget

[BBC] Greece debt: Varoufakis 'taped confidential EU meeting'

[CNBC] Our $58 trillion love affair with debt, in one crazy chart

[Bloomberg] Brazil’s Deeper Contraction Sinks Lenders as Petrobras Advances

[WSJ] Beijing Won’t Back Down

[Bloomberg] Russia Deployed Nuclear-Capable Gear, NATO Commander Says

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Fall After China Factory Data Trails Estimates

[Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Fall From Three-Week High Amid Manufacturing Data

[Bloomberg] First Hanergy Now Goldin: Hong Kong Stocks Drop Like Stones

[Bloomberg] This American VC Thinks He's Getting Out of China Just in Time

[Bloomberg] Chinese Factory Gauge Remains Sluggish on Economic Slowdown

[WSJ] Why Liquidity-Starved Markets Fear the Worst

[Bloomberg] Too Much Deference to Fed Chairmen is Stunting Policy Debates, Former Governor Says

[MarketWatch] Wealth gap is at its widest since the '80s: OECD

[NYT] Rigging of Foreign Exchange Market Makes Felons of Top Banks

[Bloomberg] The Rise of the $50,000 Rental

[Bloomberg] Egg Consumers May Face $8 Billion Bill From Worst U.S. Bird Flu

[Bloomberg] Germany Loses Further Momentum as Manufacturing, Services Weaken

[Reuters] U.S. says South China Sea reclamations stoke instability

[Der Spiegel] Interview with Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei: 'The State Is Scared'

[AP] California Water Cuts Move to Those with Century-Old Rights

[Reuters] China air force holds drill in Western Pacific

[Reuters] Gaddafi's home town falls to Islamic State in anarchic Libya

[WSJ] After Ramadi, U.S. and Allies Face Dilemma in Fight Against Islamic State

[AFP] Russian return to G7 'unimaginable' for now, says Merkel

[Washington Post] China says it’s entitled to keep watch over island claims