Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Slip as Treasuries Rise With Dollar: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Three Bond Market Lessons From the Toys ‘R’ Us Debt Drama

[Bloomberg] Home Prices Soar in Disaster-Prone Areas

[Bloomberg] Japan's Central Bank Keeps Policy Unchanged Amid Unexpected Dissent

[Reuters] S&P downgrades China, says rising debt is stoking economic, financial risks

[Bloomberg] China's Dangerous House Price Boom Is Spreading

[Reuters] Corporate debt may take bigger slice of QE pie as ECB tapers

[Reuters] China says North Korean situation more serious by the day

[WSJ] Key Takeaways From the September Fed Meeting

[FT] Markets start to take Fed tightening seriously

[FT] Janet Yellen refuses to be derailed by low-inflation mystery

[WSJ] Wall Street’s Newest Puzzle: What Passive Buying and Selling Means for Individual Stocks

[FT] Thirst for oil returns in wealthy nations

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Fed to Shrink Assets Next Month, Boost Rates by Year-End

[Bloomberg] Dollar Climbs, Bonds Slide as Fed Sees 2017 Hike: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Yellen Brushes Aside Inflation ‘Mystery’ While Fed Eyes Rate Hike

[Bloomberg] The Fed's New Dot Plot After Its September Rate Meeting

[CNBC] How Trump can pull out of the Iran nuclear deal and what it means for markets

[Bloomberg] Ten Cities Tell the Tale of China's Spreading Real-Estate Risk

[Bloomberg] Soaring Food Prices Spice Up Asia's Inflation Outlook

[Reuters] Russia hit by second bailout as B&N Bank seeks central bank aid

[Reuters] Russian central bank in talks to bail out big private lender

[WSJ] Fed to Start Paring Holdings, Keeps December Rate Rise on the Table