Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street rally ends as financial shares slide

[Reuters] Global Markets - Safe havens rise as recession concerns trigger easing bets

[Reuters] Italian bond yields tumble as investors brush off political turmoil

[Reuters] Trump looking at possible U.S. payroll, capital gains tax cuts

[Reuters] White House spokesman: No payroll tax considered at this time - Fox

[Reuters] It's the Fed, but the world will have its say

[Reuters] U.S. regulators hand Wall Street a major win with stripped-down 'Volcker Rule'

[Reuters] DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach says Federal Reserve has lost control

[Reuters] EU rebuffs British PM Johnson's Brexit gambit

[WSJ] Trump Examining Various Tax Cuts to Bolster the Economy

[WSJ] Italian Government Collapses, Setting Up a Power Struggle

[WSJ] Traders Bet on Falling Volatility

[FT] Germany prepares to sell 30-year bond with no coupon

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall Street lower; Home Depot caps losses

[Reuters] Gold reclaims $1,500 mark as focus turns to Fed

[Reuters] Oil edges lower, but hopes on easing trade tensions cap losses

[CNBC] Italian Prime Minister Conte announces resignation, bringing Rome closer to a snap election

[Reuters] Italian PM Conte denounces Salvini for toppling government

[CNBC] White House official denies administration is looking at a payroll tax cut

[Reuters] China sets new lending reference rate slightly lower on first day

[CNBC] Huawei calls US move to blacklist more affiliates ‘unjust’ and ‘politically motivated’

[Reuters] Italy's Di Maio signals imminent end of government, thanks Conte

[Reuters] Italy needs 50 billion euro budget for 'shock' stimulus: Salvini

[Reuters] New Argentine treasury minister set to take charge of troubled economy

[Reuters] U.S. yield curve: Invert, steepen, repeat

[Bloomberg] McKinsey Sees ‘Ominous’ Signs of Another Asian Debt Crisis

[Bloomberg] It's Getting Harder to Make Easy Money in Asia Bonds as Junk Takes a Hit

[Bloomberg] Leveraged Loan Casualty List Grows After Three Pulled Deals

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Rates May Spike as Funds Depart, Morgan Stanley Says

[NYT] Trump Administration Considers Moves to Bolster Economy

[WSJ] Junk-Bond Investors Turn Picky as Slowdown Talk Swirls

[WSJ] Beijing Tiptoes Toward Cheaper Loans for Capital-Starved Companies