Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] Germany holds up Greek bid for euro zone loan extension

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stepping Up Efforts to Break Greece Impasse, Official Says

[Bloomberg] ECB Plans to Push Greek Banks to Shed State Debt If Talks Fail

[Reuters] Debaltseve debacle puts Ukraine’s leader in jeopardy. That suits Vladimir Putin just fine.

[Washington Post] Caracas mayor who opposed government violently arrested

[Reuters] Pro-Islamic State militants seize Libyan university: residents

[Washington Times] Islamic State aims to flood Europe with 500K migrants

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Fighting rages in east Ukraine despite bid to revive truce

[Bloomberg] Germany Leaves Door Open to Deal Based on Greek Proposal

[Reuters] Greece offers concessions to win euro zone loan extension, Germany objects

[Bloomberg] Oil Slides With Ruble as Bonds Rise; Greeks Stocks Climb

[Bloomberg] Brazil’s Real Falls on Concern Economy Faces Contraction in 2015

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico’s Default Risk High in Next Two Years, Moody’s Says

[Bloomberg] Greece’s Bonds Advance on Aid Request as Spain, Italy Join Rally

[Reuters] Greece requests euro zone loan extension, offers big concessions

[Bloomberg] Greece Loan Extension Revives Wrangling Over Aid Terms

[NYT] E.C.B. Could Be Power Broker in Solving Greek Debt Crisis

[BBC] What would happen if Greece quits the euro?

[WSJ] Lenders Step Up Financing to Subprime Borrowers

[LA Times] Port dispute is felt all along West Coast

[Bloomberg] L.A. Home Prices Surpass Peak in High-End Neighborhoods

[BBC] Russia accuses Ukraine of aiming to destroy Minsk accords

[Reuters] Qatar recalls ambassador from Egypt in dispute over Libya strikes

[Chicago Tribune] Iran wields power from Syria to Gulf as rise alarms Sunni rivals

[Bloomberg] ECB Set to Publish Summary of QE Deliberations

[Bloomberg] Speculators Can’t Force Denmark to Exit Peg, Callesen Says