Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[NYT] Warnings Raised of a Greek Exit From the Euro

[Reuters] Brazil audit court to investigate Petrobras board members

[Bloomberg] Fed Drops Patient Stance, Opening Door to June Rate Increase

[Bloomberg] Investors Pull $6.1 Billion From Bond ETFs Amid Fed Concerns

[Reuters] Greek PM demands EU stop 'unilateral actions' as tensions flare

[Bloomberg] Gold Climbs Most Since January as Fed Officials Cut Rate Outlook

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Riksbank Cuts Rates Deeper Into Negative, Expands QE Program

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Strikes Defiant Tone With Greek Wall of Dignity

[Bloomberg] Oil Drops to Six-Year Low as Dollar Swings Before Fed

[Bloomberg] Goldman Bets Against Yuan as China Slowdown Spurs Outflows

[Reuters] Fed set to ditch 'patient' rate vow as it eyes U.S., world growth

[WSJ, Hilsenrath] Fed to Markets: No More Promises

[CNBC] Fed won't raise interest rates this year: Marc Faber

[Reuters] Exclusive: Greece angers euro creditors with lack of info, wants talks at EU summit

[WSJ] Technical Talks on Greece’s Bailout Not Going Well, Officials Say

[Reuters] China Feb new home prices fall at fastest rate on record, add risk to growth target

[Bloomberg] China Home Prices Fall in More Cities Amid Economic Slowdown

[Reuters] International bank lending to China has peaked - BIS

[Bloomberg] ECB's Celebration of Its New $1.4 Billion Tower Is Spoiled by Protesters

[Bloomberg] IMF Considers Greece Its Most Unhelpful Client Ever

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Economy Just Keeps Disappointing

[WSJ] Fannie, Freddie Could Be at Risk of Needing More Government Funds

[Bloomberg] Billions in Mortgage Aid Flow Through Group in Turmoil

[Bloomberg] Kaisa Said Unlikely to Pay Coupons Wednesday, Thursday

[Bloomberg] China Internet Firm Flags Debt Stress Year After Default

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Backs New Status in Rebel East as Troop Deaths Mount

[Bloomberg] U.S. Navy Urges Southeast Asian Patrols of South China Sea

[Bloomberg] Oil Bonds Lose Investors $7 Billion in 10 Days

[Reuters] Global oil glut set to grow as China slows crude imports

[Bloomberg] Wall Street Traders Run for Cover as Brazilians Take the Streets

[UK Guardian] The Guardian view on the Petrobras scandal: a big test for Brazil