Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Fall Before U.S. Data as Tech Slides; Lira Drops

[Bloomberg] Asian Currency Index Declines to Five-Year Low on Slowing Growth

[Bloomberg] Brazilian Budget Capitulation Sinks Currency to Four-Month Low

[Bloomberg] Moody’s Says Low Oil Price Here to Stay as Russia Bleeds Capital

[Bloomberg] Greece Extends Market Shutdown to Fifth Week as Traders Trapped

[Reuters] Greece faces recession warning as bailout talks set to open

[NYT] Personalities Clashing Over How to Handle New Greek Bailout

[Bloomberg] Oil Warning: The Crash Could Be Worst in More Than 45 Years

[Bloomberg] Distressed-Debt Market Upended Amid Deepening Commodities Rout

[Reuters] Beijing's stock rescue has $800 billion bark, small market bite

[WSJ] Giant Hedge Fund Bridgewater Flips View on China: ‘No Safe Places to Invest’

[WSJ] Why Investors Shy Away From China’s $6.4 Trillion Bond Market

[Bloomberg] China Auto Market in ‘Downward Spiral,’ Japan Group Says

[Bloomberg] Japan’s Debt Risks Surge to Triple GDP Without Change, IMF Says

[Bloomberg] Levy Faces Hard Reality After Brazil’s Recession Erodes Savings

[Reuters] China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Default Recovery Rates as Low as 35%, Moody’s Says

[Bloomberg] Xi Hones Next Blueprint for China Economy After Stock Turmoil

[NYT] Stock Downturn Hits Chinese Investors in the Heart, Not Just the Wallet

[Bloomberg] Pension Funds Hunting Yield Return to Bonds Tied to Risky Loans