Monday, May 23, 2022

Tuesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Slump Amid Economic Data, Snap’s Warning: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Snap Inc's profit warning sends ripples through social media stocks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steady as Traders Shrug Off China Efforts to Protect Economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US New-Home Sales Plunge to Lowest Since Start of Pandemic

[Reuters] Russia launches all-out assault to encircle Ukraine troops in east

[Reuters] EU oil embargo 'in days' as Ukraine isolation drives Russia closer to China

[MSN/Guardian] Nato head warns over risks of close economic ties with Russia and China

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Rising Global Food Protectionism Risks Worsening Inflation Woes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Lagarde Won’t Rush as ECB Consensus Shuns Half-Point Hike

[Reuters] Beijing ramps up COVID quarantines, Shanghai residents decry uneven rules

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stimulus Brings Limited Help to Lockdown-Hit Consumers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Central Bank, Regulator Urge Banks to Boost Lending

[Reuters] China's property market woes expected to worsen in 2022

[Reuters] JPMorgan warns 10% of junk-rated emerging markets facing debt crises this year

[AP] Explainer: What’s the 4-nation Quad, where did it come from?

[Reuters] Russian and Chinese jets conducted joint patrol, Moscow says

[Reuters] Japan scrambles jets after Russian, Chinese warplanes neared airspace during Quad

[Reuters] Taiwan radio enthusiasts tune in as Chinese, U.S. warplanes crowd sensitive skies

[Bloomberg] The Next Crisis to Hit Markets May Be About Liquidity

[Bloomberg] Natural Gas Market Is Hurtling Toward Historic Winter Shortages

[Bloomberg] These Are the 33 New Measures China Is Taking to Boost Growth

[Bloomberg] China’s $16 Trillion Cash Hoard Shows Deepening Household Gloom

[Bloomberg] China’s Economic Recovery Faces New Hurdle in Rising Power Costs

[WSJ] Retailers Are Getting Pinched More Than Consumers

[WSJ] Rising Interest Rates Concern Apartment-Building Owners, Renters

[WSJ] Egypt’s Bread Crisis Awakens Old Fears of Political Unrest

[FT] America’s red-hot labour market: inflation undercuts jobs recovery

[FT] Convertible bonds drop as investors cool on once-hot tech companies

[FT] Chinese and Russian nuclear bombers fly over Sea of Japan as Biden visits Tokyo

Monday Evening Links

[AP] Wall Street ends higher following 7 straight weeks of losses

[Reuters] Oil settles nearly flat; recession worry vies with higher demand outlook

[Reuters] California governor vows water use limits unless residents conserve

[Reuters] Moscow not sure it needs resumed ties with West, will work on ties with China -Lavrov

[Reuters] Analysis: Analysis: Biden's Taiwan remarks show conviction to defend island but carry risks

[Yahoo Finance] 4 ways Russia is wrecking the global economy

[Bloomberg] Hedging in High Demand as Wall Street Questions S&P 500’s Bounce

[Bloomberg] Biden’s Latest Taiwan Gaffe Hikes Suspicion, Tensions in Beijing

[FT] Banks and funds stash record $2tn overnight at Fed facility

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Stocks rally as euro leaps on likely rate hikes

[Reuters] Oil prices little changed as recession worry offsets higher demand outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russian Envoy Quits in Protest; EU Embargo Stuck

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Lagarde’s Rate-Hike Plan Irks Some at ECB Who Want Faster Option

[Reuters] Economic outlook has 'darkened', business and government leaders warn in Davos

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Klarna’s Debt Costs Rise as Buy-Now-Pay-Later Sector Suffers