Sunday, October 8, 2023

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Jumps, Stocks Drop on Middle East Conflict: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil and bonds gain on Middle East conflict while stocks fall

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Gains as Attack on Israel Bolsters Metal’s Haven Status

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chinese Gold Versus World Market Surges Again After Holiday Week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Stocks Languish After Return From Holiday as Risks Abound

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Iran Concern Grips Emerging Markets as Israel Heads to War

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] What Oil Watchers Have to Say About Impact of Hamas’ Attacks

[CNBC] Israel orders ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, cutting off food, water, electricity; Hamas fires more rockets: Live updates

[Reuters] US wealth, income concentration resume upward climb in post-pandemic era

[Reuters] US to send military ships, aircraft closer to Israel

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Distressed Debt Anxiety Is Spreading Across Emerging Markets

[Reuters] Emerging economies face $220 billion in budget cuts amid debt crisis -Oxfam

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Holiday Data Show Slower-Than-Expected Economy Rebound

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Lukewarm China Holiday Home Sales Underscore Economic Woes

[Reuters] China's Country Garden eyes debt deal, Evergrande creditors anticipate liquidation

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Evergrande Creditors Call Pulled Debt Plan ‘Complete Surprise’

[Reuters] Inside Asia's arms race: China near 'breakthroughs' with nuclear-armed submarines, report says

[Bloomberg] China’s Rich Entrust Total Strangers to Sneak Cash Out of the Country

[NYT] U.S. Dysfunction Clouds Economic Diplomacy Efforts

[WSJ] Texas Cities Are Booming, but Their Offices Are the Most Vacant

[WSJ] China’s Economic Gloom Takes Shine Off Its Golden Week

[WSJ] Evergrande Investors Warn of ‘Uncontrollable Collapse’

[FT] Janet Yellen sees no market ‘dysfunction’ from US bond rout

[FT] Advisers to Evergrande creditors warn of potential liquidation

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] US stocks slip, Treasuries rise on Middle East violence

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Markets Face New Geopolitical Risk, View Oil as Guide

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Soars as Hamas’ Attack on Israel Fans Middle East Tensions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dollar Climbs as Traders Seek Safe Havens After Attack in Israel

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Markets Face Choppy Return From Holidays as Risks Abound

[Reuters] Middle East conflict adds new risks to global economic outlook

[Daily Mail] Iran helped plan Hamas attack on Israel that killed at least 700 and gave the green light for the assault

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Israel Latest: Over 1,100 Dead; US Sends Warships to Region

[CNBC] U.S. is sending a carrier strike group closer to Israel and will begin supplying munitions

[Reuters] Saudi Arabia, other Arab states reaffirm commitment to voluntary oil production adjustments

[WSJ] Iran Helped Plot Attack on Israel Over Several Weeks

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Israel markets sink, businesses shut after Hamas attack

[Reuters] Attack on Israel likely to boost appeal of gold, safe haven assets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] As Israel War Rages, Oil Traders Are Focused on Iran

[AP] Israel battles Hamas militants as country’s death toll from mass incursion reaches 600

[The Hill] Hezbollah, Israel exchange fire following attack from Palestinian militants

[Reuters] Israel pounds Gaza after deadly Hamas raid as conflict threatens to spiral

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Core Inflation Seen Corroborating Higher-for-Longer Fed

[Yahoo Finance] A key inflation gauge and bank earnings: What to know this week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Is Worried the Bear Market Has ‘Unfinished Business’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Distressed Debt Anxiety Is Spreading Across Emerging Markets

[Bloomberg] Global Markets Face New Geopolitical Risk, View Oil as Guidepost

[Bloomberg] China Markets Face Choppy Return From Holidays as Risks Abound

[NYT] Amid Strikes, One Question: Are Employers Miscalculating?

[WSJ] Wall Street Isn’t Sure It Can Handle All of Washington’s Bonds

[WSJ] Big-Company Bankruptcies Hang Over Economy

[FT] US consumers cut back on credit cards as repayment charges hit record high

[FT] Big banks sit out LBO rebound after being stung by earlier buyouts

[FT] Italy’s central bank governor urges Giorgia Meloni to heed investors’ debt fears