Monday, September 2, 2019

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall St. lower as U.S.-China trade tensions weigh

[Reuters] Global stocks stumble toward two-month lows as U.S. data looms

[CNBC] 10-year Treasury yield dives to 3-year low after manufacturing sector contracts in August

[Reuters] Argentina's peso under scrutiny following capital controls, as U.S. markets reopen

[AP] Pound slides on Brexit, on track for lowest close since 1985

[Reuters] Oil drops 2% as trade war rumbles on and output swells

[Reuters] U.S. factory sector contracts for first time since 2016: ISM

[Reuters] Trump warns China against dragging its feet in trade talks

[CNBC] It’s up to Trump to break the standstill in US-China trade war, says advisor to Beijing

[Reuters] Brexit showdown: British lawmakers bid to block PM leaving EU with no deal

[Reuters] China stimulus splurge would hurt rating - S&P Global

[Reuters] Exclusive: ECB package could include rate cut, tiering, new guidance: sources

[SCMP] China concessions to US would be ‘grave error’ in any trade deal

[SCMP] China in new growth push to fight prolonged US trade war, top policy body indicates

[Yahoo/FT] Central banks are locked in currency wars they cannot win

[CNBC] Here’s a list of recession signals that are flashing red

[Bloomberg] China’s Most Indebted Firm Is Too Big to Fail

[WSJ] U.S.-China Trade War’s Global Impact Grows

[WSJ] Thinning Liquidity Adds to Headaches for Traders

[WSJ] Ailing Chinese Bank Stops Paying Coupons on CoCo Bonds

[WSJ] Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore Prices

[FT] Argentina’s creditors face debt restructuring dilemma

[FT] Central banks are locked in currency wars they cannot win

[FT] Summer turns up the heat in corporate bond markets

[FT] Why central bankers may be hurting rather than helping lenders

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Stocks slip on tariffs, Argentina hit by capital controls

[Reuters] Argentine peso, bonds whiplashed after capital controls imposed

[Reuters] Argentines wait at banks to withdraw cash as currency controls kick in

[CNBC] Growing sense of nationalism in China could embolden Xi Jinping, says ex-US ambassador

[Reuters] Positive yields ahoy! Investors hoover up European junk bond issues

[Reuters] Special Report: Hong Kong leader says she would 'quit' if she could, fears her ability to resolve crisis now 'very limited'