Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Minutes May Reveal Inclinations on Size of Next Rate Hike

[Reuters] U.S. lawmakers arrive in Taiwan amid China tensions

[SCMP] Fifty million empty flats threaten to plunge China’s troubled property market further into crisis, warns think tank

[MSN/NYT] With New Weaponry, Ukraine Is Subtly Shifting Its War Strategy

[MSN/Guardian] Europe’s rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years

[Bloomberg] Every Wall Street Trend Goes Haywire as Stock Bears Are Crushed

[FT] Volatility investor warns of false dawn for US equities market

[FT] US and China hold separate military drills in south-east Asia

[FT] Germany must cut gas use by 20% to avoid winter rationing, regulator says

Saturday's News Links

[CNBC] House passes massive climate, tax and health bill, sending Biden a core piece of his agenda to sign

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Optimism for Griner Swap; Hungary-Russia Gas

[AP] Russian shelling heavy in east; Ukraine strikes key bridge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Spaghetti Sauce Is Under Threat as Water Crisis Slams Tomatoes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Hits ‘Liquidity Trap’ as Low Rates Fail to Spur Bank Loans

[Reuters] Taiwan says 13 Chinese air force planes crossed Taiwan Strait median line

[Reuters] Broad swathe of China swelters in high temperatures

[Yahoo Finance] Taiwan 'matters far more to the world economy' than many people realize, economist explains

[FT] The $1.6tn student debt quandary hanging over the US economy