Monday, May 28, 2018

Tuesday's News Links

[BloombergQ] U.S. Stocks Drop as Italian Woes Trigger Selloff: Markets Wrap

[BloombergQ] Italian Bonds in Meltdown Spark a Global Flight to Haven Assets

[Reuters] Italian bonds suffer worst day in more than 25 years

[Reuters] Euro falls to 10-month low after Italy debt selloff

[BloombergQ] Italy's Political Crisis Rekindles Investor Fear of Euro Breakup

[CNBC] Italian voters brace for euro showdown ahead of snap elections

[BloombergQ] Trump Plows Ahead on China Tariff Threats, Investment Curbs

[Reuters] U.S. to continue trade actions against China: White House

[CNBC] Home price gains ease in March, but growth accelerates in big cities: S&P Case-Shiller

[BloombergQ] China’s $15 Trillion Shadow Bank Edifice Shows More Cracks

[BloombergQ] Italian Drama Reawakens Fear of Europe's Sovereign-Bank Loop

[BloombergQ] Europe's Fragility Is Exposed Again

[BloombergQ] Italy's Democrats Claim League, Five Star Had Euro Exit Plan

[BloombergQ] Soros Sees New Global Financial Crisis Brewing, EU Under Threat

[BloombergQ] Brazil Trucker Strike Shows a State Running on Empty

[Reuters] Germany's Merkel laments fraying of multilateral order

[BloombergQ] Crises Past and Future Occupy Bernanke, Reinhart at Nobel's Home

[WSJ] Italy Sparks Global Fear of Fresh Euro Crisis

[WSJ] In ‘Founder Friendly’ Era, Star Tech Entrepreneurs Grab Power, Huge Pay

[WSJ] China and Russia Push Into Iran, Exploiting Europe’s Caution

[FT] Italy’s redenomination fear gauge surges on political turmoil

[FT] Italian bank bond yields surge in fallout from political turmoil

[FT] Bank of Italy warns Rome is close to losing ‘asset of trust’

Monday Evening

[BloombergQ] Asian Stocks Set for Lower Open; Oil Declines: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Brazil stocks hit year low, battered by truckers' protest

[Reuters] U.S. and China clash over 'technology transfer' at WTO

[BloombergQ] Italy's Populists Mobilize in Protest as Cabinet List Drawn Up

[WSJ] Italy’s Political Drama Raises Stakes For Euro

[WSJ] Chinese Energy Company’s Missed Bond Payment Fans Fears of More Defaults

[FT] Italian sell-off deepens as new premier picked