Sunday, July 19, 2020

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Mixed Amid Dollar Rise; China Sees Gains: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Euro, euro zone bond markets hold out hope for recovery fund; stocks higher

[Reuters] Italian bond yields fall to early March lows on EU recovery fund hopes

[Reuters] Merkel says there is hope EU stimulus deal possible on Monday

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Trump calls Fauci ‘a little bit of an alarmist,’ UK firm claims treatment ‘breakthrough’

[MarketWatch] Inside the $5 billion ‘shadow’ student debt market that helps keep for-profit colleges afloat

[CNBC] China’s property market is rebounding from the coronavirus crisis, but some warn it may overheat

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Japan’s Export Slump Drags on Even as Markets Reopen

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Real Estate Investment Plunges 33% Amid Covid Pandemic

[Reuters] China expands its amphibious forces in challenge to U.S.

[NYT] Businesses Are Supposed to Cut Debt in a Downturn. Why Not Now?

[WSJ] Winning Streak of Big Cities Fades With 2020 Crises

[FT] Developing nations squeezed as virus fuels public spending

[FT] EU leaders in push to unlock deal on coronavirus recovery fund

Sunday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures open slightly higher as Wall Street tries to extend last week’s gains

[Reuters] EU grapples with 'mission impossible' at deadlocked recovery summit

[CNBC] ‘We need to close down’ — Florida reports more than 10,000 coronavirus cases for fifth day

[CNBC] Ohio heading in the wrong direction and ‘could become Florida’ as coronavirus surges, governor warns

[Yahoo] Los Angeles Mayor Says City is "On The Brink" of a shutdown

[Reuters] Trump pledges COVID outbreak coming under control as Florida cases surge for fifth day

[Reuters] 'Mr. No, No, No' - Why Dutch PM Rutte plays role of EU bogeyman

[CNBC] Virus surge and new China tensions could spark a 20% to 30% market meltdown, long-time bull Ed Yardeni warns

[Bloomberg] China’s Small Lenders Are Filling Up on Riskiest Bank Debt

[NYT] Trump’s Hot-Button Fed Pick Faces Senate Committee Vote This Week

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Germany's Merkel warns of summit failure on EU recovery fund

[AP] EU leaders extend summit as they haggle over budget, virus

[AP] As virus surges in some US states, emergency rooms swamped

[Reuters] WHO reports record daily increase in global coronavirus cases for second day in a row

[Reuters] ‘Ugly face’: U.S. and China trade barbs in Myanmar as South China Sea rift deepens

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bonds Wave Red Flag on U.S. Economy While Stocks Show Green

[Bloomberg] Merkel and Macron Walk Out on Rutte in Dispute Over EU Stimulus

[Bloomberg] Fiscal Cliffs Threaten Fragile U.S. Recovery: Economy Week Ahead

[Bloomberg] EU Turns Up the Heat on Budget Hardliners in Fight for Stimulus

[WSJ] U.S. Companies Lose Hope for Quick Rebound From Covid-19

[WSJ] ‘A Powerful Force’: Tesla’s Momentum Leads Stock-Market Surge

[FT] EU leaders deadlocked on recovery fund in marathon summit

[FT] Turkey fuels regional power game over Mediterranean gas reserves

[FT] India’s top banker warns pandemic will hit strained financial sector