Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Dollar Rises, Treasuries Fall on Growth Optimism: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Gasoline Hits 2-Year High as Harvey Shuts Biggest U.S. Refinery

[Bloomberg] U.S. Second-Quarter Growth Revised to 3% in Momentum Boost

[Bloomberg] Companies in U.S. Add More Jobs Than Forecast, ADP Data Show

[Bloomberg] From Stocks to Bonds, the Bear-Market Signals Are Multiplying

[Bloomberg] 'Apocalyptic' Flooding Has Harvey's Damages Rising by the Hour

[CNBC] A half-million flooded cars and trucks could be scrapped after Harvey

[Bloomberg] German Inflation Accelerates as ECB Prepares to Debate Stimulus

[Bloomberg] China's $2 Trillion of Shadow Lending Throws Focus on Rust Belt

[Reuters] U.N. condemns 'outrageous' North Korea missile launch, Pyongyang says more to come

[BBC] North Korea: 'Japan missile was first step in Pacific operation'

[WSJ] Republican Tax Plan Poses Risk to U.S. Bond Market

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Global stocks, dollar and yields slip on North Korea jitters; gold up

[CNBC] Conservatives draw battle lines in debt-ceiling fight

[CNBC] Market thinks Fed could hold off on rate hikes for another year — at least

[CNBC, Olick] Buyers 'fight over scraps' in ever-pricier housing

[CNBC] Warning signs appear to crop up beneath market’s surface

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Confidence at Second-Highest Level Since 2000

[Bloomberg] Here's Why the Yen Remains a Safe Haven After a Rocket Passes Over Japan

[Bloomberg] Bitcoin's Epic Rise Leaves Late-1990s Tech Bubble in the Dust

[FT] Investors wary of central bankers’ soothing taper talk