Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[NYT, Appelbaum] Ben Bernanke Says Fed Can’t Get Caught Up in Inequality Debate

[NYT, Sorkin] Reflections on Stress and Long Hours on Wall Street

[Independent] US preparing to face down China in the South China Sea

[FT] US dealmaking hits $243bn monthly record

[Bloomberg] Merkel, Hollande and Juncker to Meet in Berlin in Attempt to Save Greece

[Bloomberg] Will Greece Join These Deadbeats That Missed Debt Payments to the IMF?

[Reuters] Obama: land reclamation projects in South China Sea 'counterproductive'

[AFP] Saudi reserves dip $49 bn from end-2014: report

[Reuters] U.N. finds growing signs of Russian involvement in Ukraine war

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Consumer Spending Stalled in April as Americans Saved More

[Reuters] China's key stock index posts biggest one-day rise in 2 1/2 yrs

[Reuters] Asia shares pare losses as China markets rally

[Reuters] S.Korea airline shares fall, drugmakers rise on MERS scare

[CNBC] Greek PM slams creditors in 'defiant' tirade

[Bloomberg] How Greek Capital Controls Would Work If Deadlock Persists: Q&A

[Reuters] Fed's Fischer warns against complacency on financial crisis risks

[Bloomberg] Everyone's Been Worried About Liquidity in the Wrong Bond Market

[Bloomberg] Bond Dealers Enfeebled as Liquidity Woes Boost Derivatives

[CNBC] Rate hike needed to pop bubbles: Robert Shiller

[Reuters] China's factories slow to respond to stimulus, South Korea exports dive

[Bloomberg] China Considers Doubling Its Local Bond-Swap Program

[Bloomberg] Two Years Into the BOJ's Bold Bet: Here's What's Happening

[Bloomberg] Australia’s Treasury Says Sydney Is 'Unequivocally' in a Housing Bubble

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Seen Prevailing in Creditor Showdown Over Debt Write-Off

[Bloomberg] INSIDE CHINA: Bonds Fall; Goldman Sees Further Loosening

[BBC] Ashton Carter: US will play 'pivotal' role in Asia

[Reuters] Italy's Renzi stumbles in local elections

[Greece] Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ article in Le Monde newspaper: Europe at crossroads