Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Stock Losses Deepen as Techs, Drugmakers Falter: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] The Fed is about to get more aggressive, and 'collateral damage' may ensue

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Just Borrowed $488 Billion, a Record High for the First Quarter

[Bloomberg] Tire Plunge Shows ‘No Margin for Error’ in U.S. Junk Bond Market

[CNBC] Computer engineers now make up a quarter of Goldman Sachs' workforce

[CNBC] China's HNA isn't buying Scaramucci's SkyBridge, after all: Report

[WSJ] How Bad Is the Labor Shortage? Cities Will Pay You to Move There

[FT] Merger mania whips up $120bn of tie-ups in just one day

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] This Hedge Fund Trade Is Stirring Fresh Controversy in the CDS Market

[Bloomberg] U.S. March Consumer Spending Picks Up; Inflation Hits Fed Goal

[Reuters] U.S. annual inflation measures jump; consumer spending picks up

[Bloomberg] Here's How the EU Will Punch Back Against Trump Trade Tariffs

[Bloomberg] China's Economy Gives Little Sign of Slowdown as PMIs Hold Up

[Bloomberg] China Factory Gauge Holds Up as Services Exceed Estimates

[Reuters] China April official services PMI edges up to 54.8

[Bloomberg] This Hedge Fund Trade Is Stirring Fresh Controversy in the CDS Market

[Bloomberg] Jumping Mortgage Rates Further Tighten Debt Vise for Canadians

[NYT/CNBC] China Prepares a Hard-Line Stance on Trump’s Trade Demands

[NYT] U.S. Allies Brace for Trade War as Tariff Negotiations Stall

[WSJ] Growing Concern: Foreign Investors Lose Some Hunger for U.S. Debt

[WSJ] China and Dollar Test Emerging Markets’ Bull Run

[FT] Interest rate rises: when will the Fed act?

[FT] Oil at $75: the five factors driving the price

[FT] The yield curve’s signalling power isn’t what it used to be

[FT] Next liquidity crisis could be hiding in plain sight

[FT] Nordic noir: the outlook darkens for Sweden’s banks