Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Fed’s View of Fragile Economy Means Slow Path for Rate Increases

[Bloomberg] Fed Says Rate Hike Still on Track for This Year

[NYT] Fed, in Shift, Expects Slower Increase in Interest Rates

[Bloomberg] European Disunion: For Two Rivals in Greek Crisis, It’s Personal

[Bloomberg] Those 300% Instant Returns on China IPOs Are Suddenly Vanishing

[AP] Puerto Rico governor says declaring bankruptcy was option

[US News…] Americans Have Lost Confidence ... in Everything

[Bloomberg] Austrian ‘Bad Bank’ Heta Reports $7.9 Billion Shortfall

[Bloomberg] A $23 Billion Stock Drop Shows How India's Water Risks Is Rising

[Time] Asia Now Has More Millionaires Than the U.S.

[ABC] World's Groundwater Supplies Draining Fast, NASA Study Says

Wednesday's News Links

[Reuters] Greek central bank issues 'Grexit' warning if aid talks fail

[UK Guardian] Greek central bank governor warns of 'uncontrollable crisis'

[Bloomberg] Tsipras: Greece Ready to Give ‘Big No’ to Bad Agreement

[AP] Will Greece leave the euro? A look at its options

[Bloomberg] Fed Decision Day Guide: Interest-Rate Projections, Gradual Pace

[Bloomberg] Why Everyone Will Be Looking for the Fed's New Dots Today

[Bloomberg] Meet the New Shadow Bank (It's a Lot Like the Old Shadow Bank)

[FT] LCH. Clearnet sounds alarm over declining use of repo

[CNBC] Even millionaires live paycheck to paycheck

[WSJ] Chinese Firms Put Cash to Work in Stocks

[Bloomberg] China’s Capital Flows Stabilizing in Second Quarter, SAFE Says

[Reuters] Russia forced by NATO to take steps to protect itself: Kremlin

[Reuters] Insight - Saddam's former army is secret of Baghdadi's success

[AP] N. Korea says it has been hit by worst drought in 100 years