Monday, November 9, 2015

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fall With Emerging Assets, Metals on China Prices

[Bloomberg] Goldman Sachs Says Corporate America Has Quietly Re-levered

[Bloomberg] Asia's Rapid Debt Buildup Tops Developing Markets, IIF Says

[Bloomberg] What Markets Need to Watch in Portugal as Leftists Vow to Oust PM

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan Says It Was Hit by Hack Called Largest Bank Breach Ever

[Bloomberg] ECB Faces Three Suits Over Quantitative Easing in Germany

[CNBC] World economy's ability to fight shocks dented: Moody’s

[NYT] China’s Crackdown on Financial Markets Gets Top-Level Support

[Reuters] China officials signal concern about flagging global trade

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks Slide Most in Week in Hong Kong on Inflation Data

[Reuters] China October Data Shows Deflationary Pressure Persists

[Bloomberg] China Builder Wuzhou's Bonds Fall to Record Low Amid Share Halt

[Bloomberg] Hedge Funds + Leverage Are Hot Formula for Canada Pension Funds

[Washington Post] Britain tells its European partners: We need to talk about our relationship

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Join Global Selloff on Fed Concern Before China CPI

[Bloomberg] Gundlach Says December Rate Increase a Threat to Stocks, Bonds

[UK Guardian] Greece told to do more on reforms before it gets next bailout payment

[Reuters] Euro zone won't release new money for Greece until reforms done

[Bloomberg] China's Big Banks Have Longest Road to Meet Loss-Absorbing Needs

[Bloomberg] Draghi Replaces Yellen as Savior for Borrowers Before Fed D-Day

[FT] China is sailing into a sea of troubles

[Bloomberg] Europe's Quiet Currency War Besets Nations Losing Inflation Grip

[AP] EU Warns of Refugee 'Catastrophe' as Winter Closes In