Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] U.K. Conservatives to Win Most Seats, Election Exit Poll Suggests

[Reuters] U.S.-based stock funds post $14.8 bln outflows in week - Lipper

[Reuters] Lipper fund flows IG US$531.1m outflow; HY US$2.745bn outflow

[Bloomberg] Varoufakis Says Greece Ready to Take EU Impasse Down to the Wire

[Bloomberg] Bond Bulls Escape Through ‘Keyhole’ as Liquidity Dries Up

[Bloomberg] The Hot Money Cools on China

[Bloomberg] Here's How Much New York and San Francisco's Tight Housing Markets Are Hurting the Economy

[Bloomberg] Will This Be the Next Chinese Company to Default on Its Dollar Bonds?

[Reuters] Saudi-led coalition vows to hit Yemen's Houthis despite truce offer

[Bloomberg] Energy Deals on Agenda as China’s Xi Visits Putin in Moscow

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Greece defies euro zone on pension, labor reform

[Reuters] German Finance Minister says hopes not high on Greece for Monday euro group

[Bloomberg] Bonds Drop With Stocks, Metals to Extend $2 Trillion Global Loss

[Bloomberg] Bonds Extend Tumble as Spain, France Sell Debt Into Market Slump

[Bloomberg] China’s Stocks Cap Biggest Three-Day Retreat in Almost Two Years

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Head for Worst Drop in Six Weeks on China Slump

[Bloomberg] Greece Faces Pending Deadline as ECB Eyes Haircut Option

[BBC] UK Election 2015: Millions begin casting their votes

[Bloomberg] U.K. Votes in Unprecedented Election With Outcome Elusive

[Washington Post] Britain goes to the polls in neck-and-neck contest that promises frantic political scrambling

[Reuters] Wary of bond 'cliff,' Fed plans cautious cuts to portfolio

[Bloomberg] Feds Not Riding to Puerto Rico Rescue Echoes Playbook on Detroit

[FT] Puerto Rico faces battle to avoid default

[Bloomberg] There Are Signs of Trouble in Junk Bonds and That Could Be Bad for Stocks

[CNBC] $1 million home sales surge, prices stall

[Reuters] Saudi Arabia mulling land operations on Yemen border

[Reuters] China looks to fiscal stimulus to fight slowdown

[Bloomberg] Rio Tinto Warns More Iron Ore Miners Face Pain After Price Slide

[Reuters] China warns Philippine military planes away from disputed sea area: Manila