Sunday, December 10, 2023

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Make Cautious Start to Event-Packed Week: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Longest Decline in Five Years on Oversupply Fears

[Reuters] Israel presses ahead in battle against Hamas in southern Gaza

[AP] Fed is set to leave interest rates unchanged while facing speculation about eventual rate cuts

[Reuters] Bond investors brace for Fed pushback on rate cuts

[Reuters] Key moments in Fed easing history since 1994

[AP] Holiday crowds at airports and on highways are expected to be even bigger than last year

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Private Market Investors Plan Bigger Stake in Private Credit

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BOJ to See Little Need to End Negative Rate in December, Sources Say

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Real Borrowing Costs Are Surging Near Highest Since 2016

[Reuters] China's actions in S. China Sea undermine regional stability, US says

[Reuters] Explainer: Why China, the Philippines keep fighting over tiny shoal

[Reuters] A quarter of freshwater fish risk extinction -study

[NYT] What’s Next for Interest Rates? An Era of ‘Peak Uncertainty.’

[WSJ] When Bond Yields Dropped, the Everything Rally Kicked Off

[WSJ] The Math for Buying a Home No Longer Works. These Charts Show You Why.

[WSJ] Alarm Grows Over Weakened Militaries and Empty Arsenals in Europe

[FT] Central banks prepare to rebuff investors over path of interest rates

[FT] Will central banks push back on hopes for interest rate cuts?

[FT] European mortgage market set for lowest growth in a decade

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Starts to Confront the Next Big Question: Why to Cut Rates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Rate-Cut Standoff Looms in 2023 Policy Finale

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Milei Is Sworn In as Argentina Braces for His Shock Therapy

[WSJ] The Adrenaline-Fueled Trades Sweeping the Market

[WSJ]Why Treasury Auctions Have Wall Street on Edge

[WSJ] Renters Are Starting to Get Concessions From Landlords Again

[FT] Jay Powell under pressure to set out plan for US interest rate cuts

[FT] Israel warns it can ‘no longer accept’ Hizbollah on its border