Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Petrobras Bond Plan Said Quashed as Brazil Fights Rating Cut

[Bloomberg] Financials Flash Warning Seen Before 2008 Mainland Slump

[Bloomberg] Greece Complains About Schaeuble in Deepening Conflict

[Bloomberg] It's Back: Your Guide to the $18 Trillion Debt Ceiling

[Bloomberg] Central Bank Stimulus Is Ancient Recipe for Trouble

[Bloomberg] Germany Blasts Republicans in U.S. on Iran Nuclear Talks

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] ECB Increases Greek ELA Ceiling by 600 Million Euros

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Halt Nine-Day Drop on China Data as Ruble Gains

[Bloomberg] Dollar Bulls Retreat From 12-Year High to Euro With Fed in View

[Bloomberg] China Credit Growth Beats Estimates as Easing Spurs Lending

[Bloomberg] PBOC Pledges to Press on With Rate Liberalization Amid 

[Bloomberg] China PBOC Governor Puts Brave Face on Fed, Big Smile for Stocks

[Reuters] As Greek-German ties erode, Athens complains about Schaeuble 'insult'

[Reuters] Greek finance minister says ECB policy on Greece 'asphyxiating'

[Reuters] Weidmann says Greek funding decision belongs to governments, not central banks

[Bloomberg] ECB Bond Buying Not Needed With Economy Improving, Weidmann Says

[Bloomberg] Rising Brazil Joblessness Turns Rousseff Bedrock Into Quicksand

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Has Too Much Oil and Nowhere to Put It

[WSJ] Big Banks Struggle to Pass Fed’s ‘Stress Tests’

[Bloomberg] U.S. Founding Father Invoked as China Debates $4 Trillion Debt Pile

[Bloomberg] Venezuela’s $5.9 Billion Cash Burn Raises Bond Concerns

[BBC] South Korea cuts lending rate to record low

[Bloomberg] As China Sneezes, is Asia Catching a Cold?

[BBC] Could Europe lose Greece to Russia?

[Reuters] Germany faces hurdle to meet QE share as yields vanish

[Bloomberg] Manhattan Studios Set Rent Record as Tenants Go Small