Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Evening Links

[BBC] Greek debt crisis: Banks to remain shut all week

[WSJ] Greece Orders Banks Closed, Imposes Capital Controls to Stem Deposit Flight

[Reuters] Euro, stocks plunge as Greece seen on course to default

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Slide With Euro on Greece Crisis While Havens Climb

[Reuters] Greece to introduce capital controls, keep banks shut as crisis deepens

[Bloomberg] Greece Closing Banks as Expiring Bailout Spurs Withdrawals

[Reuters] Wave of contagion expected after dramatic weekend raises 'Grexit' chances

[Reuters] Cautious Merkel on verge of biggest risk with 'Grexit'

[Bloomberg] The $8 Trillion Penny Stock: China’s Market of Boom-Bust-Repeat

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] ECB Said to See Greek Bank Holiday Needed as ELA Dries Up

[Reuters] Greece Says Considering Bank Closures and Capital Controls on Monday

[AP] The Latest: Germany warns travelers to Greece to bring cash

[Bloomberg] Greece Races to Avert Black Monday as Banks Run Low on Cash

[Bloomberg] ECB Freezes Greek Emergency Bank Aid as Referendum Looms

[Bloomberg] Euro Faces Existential Threat as Greece’s Membership in Jeopardy

[Reuters] China regulators juggle IPOs with growth and a market plunge

[Bloomberg] China’s Auditor Says State Firms Falsified Revenue and Profit

[Bloomberg] BIS Warns of Increasing Risk of Liquidity Trap in Bond Markets

[Bloomberg] BIS Renews Call for Tougher Fund Rules Amid ‘New Risks’

[Reuters] Credit, Real Estate Booms Raising Emerging Market Risks: BIS