Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Fed Takes Another Swing at Equities With Yellen’s Valuation Call

[Reuters] Yellen cites 'potential dangers' in U.S. stock valuations

[Bloomberg] Biggest U.S. Productivity Drop in Decades Sends Ugly Omen

[Bloomberg] Greek Banks Are Having Trouble Trading Foreign Currencies

[Reuters] Yemen urges ground intervention to save country: letter to U.N

[CNBC] Outbreak: Bird flu epidemic is bad and getting worse

[Bloomberg] Bernanke Inc.: Lucrative Life of a Former Fed Chairman

[NYT] Water Pricing in Two Thirsty Cities: In One, Guzzlers Pay More, and Use Less

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Treasuries Find No Hiding Place Between Fed Rates and Bund Slide

[Bloomberg] S&P 500 Futures Rise as Oil Extends Gain; Italian Bonds Rebound

[Reuters] Bond rout rattles all assets

[Bloomberg] Greece Attacks Creditors as ECB Considers Next Step

[Reuters] ECB set to decide on increasing Greek bank lifeline

[Bloomberg] Chaos to the Left, Chaos to the Right: Britain’s Ominous Choice

[Bloomberg] Global Bond Selloff Adds to Pressure on Gilts as Election Looms

[WSJ] Market U-Turn Rams Hedge Funds

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Fights to Restore Law Allowing Public Debt Revamp

[Bloomberg] China’s Cities Said to Take Steps to Boost Local-Bond Demand

[Reuters] China pulls out stops to avoid lay-offs as economy cools

[Caixin/MarketWatch] China mulls new monetary tool that ‘the world has never seen’

[Reuters] Five Ukrainian serviceman killed in past 24 hours in east: Ukraine milita

[Reuters] Iran's Khamenei: no place for military threats in nuclear talks - state TV

[AP] California Regulators Approve Unprecedented Water Cutbacks