Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Reflation Trades Stall as Bonds Rise, Stocks Mixed: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Wall Street edges higher as Nasdaq hits record

[CNBC] Houses are the least affordable they've been in seven years: Here's why

[Bloomberg] In Shadow of Le Pen and Brexit, Traders Redraw European Strategy

[Reuters] Greece hopes for breakthrough as funding stalemate persists

[Reuters] Italy's "bitter" bank rescue tsar bemoans strategy vacuum

[Reuters] U.S. government has itself to blame for dollar strength: Bundesbank

[NYT] Decade After Crisis, No Resolution for Fannie and Freddie

[NYT] Dodd-Frank Rollback May Fall Short of G.O.P. Hopes

[WSJ] Hedge Fund Short Bets Are Going the Wrong Way… Again

[FT] Experts back Trump’s tough line on trade with China

[FT] Bundesbank chief rejects ‘absurd’ claim of euro manipulation

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Dollar Jumps, Gold Falls as Demand for Havens Ebbs: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Greek Two-Year Yields Approach 10% Amid IMF Standoff With EU

[Reuters] Euro, European bonds unnerved by French politics

[Bloomberg] Smaller December U.S. Trade Deficit Caps Worst Year in Four

[Bloomberg] China Reserves Edge Below $3 Trillion as Yuan Pressure Increases

[Bloomberg] Trump’s Dodd-Frank Do-Over Diverted to Slow Lane With Obamacare

[CNBC] By this measure, stocks are massively overvalued

[Bloomberg] As China’s Doors Open, Foreign Investors Worry About Exits

[Bloomberg] The PBOC’s Tools to Manage Monetary Policy: QuickTake Scorecard