Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Iran Nuclear Deal Hits a Stumbling Block: the Supreme Leader

[Bloomberg] Factories Be Warned: U.S. Wholesalers Face an Inventory Glut

[Bloomberg] U.S. States Aren't Prepared for the Next Fiscal Shock

[Bloomberg] U.S. Criticizes South Korea for Intervening to Resist Won’s Rise

[Bloomberg] We Traveled Across China and Returned Terrified for the Economy

[Reuters] China mounts detailed defense of South China Sea reclamation

[Reuters] Iran's Khamenei demands all sanctions end when nuclear deal signed

[Bloomberg, McArdle] Uncle Sam Is Uneducated About Loan Risks

[The Atlantic] 'Iraq Is Finished'

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Oil rallies more than 2 percent after slump but sentiment weak

[Reuters] Euro zone sets Greece reform deadline ahead of IMF repayment

[Reuters] Euro zone gives Greece six-day deadline to revise reforms: paper

[Bloomberg] ECB Cash Said Likely to Fall Short of Greek Request This Week

[Reuters] ECB balance sheet rises by 83 billion euros on quarterly revaluation

[Bloomberg/Japan Times] Japanese Banks outmuscle Chinese on overseas expansion, IMF says

[Reuters] Yemen's Houthis seize provincial capital despite Saudi-led raids

[AFP] US warns Iran on support for Yemen rebels

[BBC] Iran nuclear: 'No guarantee' of final deal, Khamenei says

[Bloomberg] How the Drought Is Changing California Forever

[Bloomberg] Fed Rate Hike Shaping Up as More of a Big Dud Than a Big Short

[Bloomberg] Central Banks at Zero Failing to Turbocharge Effect of Cheap Oil

[WSJ] Post-Crisis Risk Casts a Darkening Shadow

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Housewife Cheers Stocks as Workers Trade at Lunch

[Bloomberg] China Tycoons Near $50 Billion in Gains From Stock Frenzy

[Bloomberg] Moody’s Cuts Ratings for India’s Biggest Private Banks

[Der Spiegel] One Port, Two Worlds: China Seeks Dominance in Athens Harbor

[Reuters] China mounts detailed defense of South China Sea reclamation

[Reuters] China urges caution from U.S. on dispute with Japan

[Bloomberg] Brooklyn Home Prices Jump 18% to Record as Buyers Compete