Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall St sells off amid geopolitical worries

[Reuters] Argentine peso collapses as Macri's re-election chances drop

[Reuters] Yen, gold gain on trade war angst; Argentine peso sinks

[Reuters] U.S. yields tumble on trade worries, political tension

[Reuters] Hong Kong airport grinds to halt; China likens protests to terrorism

[Reuters] U.S. budget deficit widens; spending up on health, military

[CNBC] Wall Street sees even more Fed rate cuts ahead with Morgan Stanley predicting a return to zero

[AP] South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list

[Bloomberg] Argentina's 48% Stock Rout Second-Biggest in Past 70 Years

[Bloomberg] U.S. Long-Bond Yield Nears All-Time Low as Global Alarm Grows

[Bloomberg] Markets Signal Argentina May Be Headed to Another Debt Crisis

[Bloomberg] Argentina Default Risk Jumps After Macri's Landslide Loss: Chart

[Bloomberg] U.S. Budget Deficit Already Exceeds Last Year’s Total Figure

[WSJ] 10% Tariffs Were Manageable. At 25%, Businesses Are Squirming.

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks fall on trade war, global growth worries

[Reuters] Argentine peso crashes after Macri gets thumped in primary election

[Reuters] Yen and bond bulls charge on as share markets falter

[Reuters] Gold holds firm above $1,500 on global growth worries

[Reuters] Markets brace for volatility after Argentine opposition upsets Macri in primary

[CNBC] China fixes yuan midpoint at 7.0211 on Monday — weaker than 7 for three consecutive sessions

[Reuters] Oil falls on fears of a global economic downturn

[Reuters] China's July new loans dip more than expected, further policy easing seen

[SCMP] China’s bank lending weakened in July, suggesting Beijing’s stimulus efforts not working

[Reuters] Argentina opposition scores big primary win, hurting Macri's re-election bid

[CNBC] Hong Kong airport cancels all flights for the remainder of the day due to protests

[Reuters] Hong Kong mops up after weekend of violence, braces for more protests

[AP] US-China trade war leaves Europe as collateral damage

[Reuters] U.S. turning Gulf region into 'tinderbox': Iran's Zarif

[Bloomberg] Argentine Assets Tumble After Macri Routed in Shock Vote

[WSJ] Fed Considers New Tool for a Downturn

[WSJ] Chinese Financial Institutions’ Lending Dives

[WSJ] Volatility Isn’t Just for Stocks Anymore

[FT] Job cuts at investment banks near 30,000 as outlook deteriorates

[FT] Korean pension fund reviews Japan investments over ‘war crimes’