Thursday, July 9, 2015

Friday Morning Links

[Reuters] Greek Proposals No Basis for Further Talks, Senior German Conservative

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rally With Bonds, Euro to Signal Faith in Greek Accord

[Bloomberg] Credit Risk Declines in Europe After Greece Gives in to Demands

[Bloomberg] France Hails Greek Aid Proposals as Germany Reserves Judgment

[Reuters] Merkel ally says hard to trust latest Greek reform proposals

[Reuters] Greek PM Tsipras seeks party backing after abrupt concessions

[Bloomberg] Greece Reform Proposals: June vs. July

[Bloomberg] Greek Bank Restructuring May Be Unavoidable Even With Bailout

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks Head for Biggest Two-Day Rebound Since 2008

[AP] China's underground banks spread pain as defaults rise

[Reuters] China Stock Rout Batters Asian Firms Linked to Giant Economy

[Reuters] China's rich seek shelter from stock market storm in foreign property

[Bloomberg] Greece Bailout Proposal Spurs Euro Rally as Risk Aversion Eases

[FT] Prestige of the Communist party tumbles in the Great Fall of China

[Reuters] Millions more Americans hit by government personnel data hack

[Washington Post] How Washington helped create Puerto Rico’s staggering debt crisis

[Bloomberg] Putin Calls U.S. Debt ‘Serious Problem’ as He Defends Greece

[Reuters] Exclusive: Japan interested in joining NATO missile consortium

[Reuters] Iran says Western powers backtracking as nuclear deadline expires

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Offers Pension Savings, Tax Increases to Keep Euro

[Bloomberg] Greece Draws Up Proposal in Last-Ditch Effort to Keep Euro

[FT] With cash fast running out, Greek bank failures loom

[NYT] Weighing the Fallout of a Greek Exit From the Euro

[Reuters] Greece sets parliament vote on reform commitments to EU

[Bloomberg] How Puerto Rico's Debt Levels Compare With Those of U.S. States

[WSJ] China’s President Faces Rare Backlash

[Bloomberg] Venezuela’s Largest Bill Buys 16 U.S. Cents After 30% Plunge

[CNBC] Will Chinese buyers flee or flood US housing?