Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures drop following new US tariffs on China 

[SCMP] Donald Trump hits China with US$200 billion more in tariffs, once again escalating trade war

[CNBC] Trump will slap 10% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods — and they will go to 25% at year end

[CNBC] Trade war could become currency war depending on how China fights back

[BloombergQ] Stocks Pressured on Fresh Trade Fears; Dollar Dips: Markets Wrap

[BloombergQ] China to Cancel Talks If Trump Moves Ahead With Tariffs, Sources Say

[Reuters] Trump adviser eyes entitlement cuts to plug U.S. budget gaps

[CNBC] Kudlow says White House aware of the rising deficit, but economic 'growth solves a lot of problems'

[CNBC] Former Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn: Jamie Dimon would make a 'phenomenal president'

[Reuters] Most U.S. states lack reserves to weather next recession: S&P

[Reuters] Chancellor: The legacy of ultralow interest rates

[WSJ] Trump Announces New Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Monday's News Links

[BloombergQ] Stocks Fall as Trade Fears Return; Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap

[BloombergQ] Turkish Lira Slides as Isbank Fallout Dilutes Rate-Hike Support

[Reuters] U.S. 10-year yield hits highest in four months

[BloombergQ] China’s Stocks Drop to Lowest Level in Nearly Four Years

[BloombergQ] China-U.S. Tariff Talks at Risk After Trump's Latest Threats, WSJ Reports

[Reuters] China won't just play defense in trade war, Global Times says

[CNBC] Monetary policy is directly responsible for economic and financial stability

[BloombergQ] A Roadmap for the Great U.S.-China Divorce

[CNBC] The next crisis could be triggered by the US-China trade war, interest rates: Sovereign wealth chief

[BloombergQ] Turkey Planning Help for Banks on Anticipation of Bad Loans

[BloombergQ] World’s Richest Economies Enjoy Biggest Pay Raise in a Decade

[BloombergQ, El-Erian] Central Banks Strike Back

[NYT] As Trump’s Trade War Mounts, China’s Wall Street Allies Lose Clout

[WSJ] Big Storms Leave Small Marks on the U.S. Economy

[FT] China prepares for new phase of Trump-led trade war

[FT] How US banks took over the financial world 

[BloombergSub] One of China's Wildest Housing Markets Is Broken