Monday, February 12, 2024

Tuesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Roiled by ‘Still Sticky’ CPI Signals: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] 10-year Treasury yield shoots higher as January CPI is hotter than expected

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Gains as IEA Sees Consumption Boost, OPEC Prepares Outlook

[CNBC] Consumer prices rose 0.3% in January, more than expected, as the annual rate moved to 3.1%

[Reuters] Labor worries, costs drag small business sentiment down by most in 13 months -NFIB

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US CPI Data to Show Disinflation Handoff From Goods to Services

[Reuters] US Senate passes $95 billion Ukraine aid bill, but path ahead unclear

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] BofA Survey Shows Investors Are All In on US Tech Stock Rally

[Reuters] Waymo arson in San Francisco sparks new debate on self-driving cars

[Reuters] California lawmakers call for stricter regulation of autonomous vehicles

[Bloomberg] Putin Seeks Revenge on a World Order He Once Wanted to Join

[Bloomberg] Office Towers Reshaped US Skylines. Now Construction Cranes Are Vanishing.

[WSJ] Early Adopters of Microsoft’s AI Bot Wonder If It’s Worth the Money

[FT] Stocks and bonds diverge as investors worry less about inflation

[FT] The uninsurable world: what climate change is costing homeowners

[FT] China’s ‘national team’ propels EM ETF flows to new record

[FT] Russia to double military presence along Nato border, Estonia warns

Monday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] S&P 500 Rally Hits a Wall in Run-Up to CPI Report: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Nasdaq slips from near all-time high, Dow up modestly ahead of inflation data

[Yahoo Finance] Inflation expected to fall below 3% for the first time since March 2021

[Yahoo Finance] Red Sea conflict: The major pain points for shippers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Commercial-Property Loans Coming Due in US Jump to $929 Billion

[Reuters] Hunt for ‘next Nvidia’ draws options traders to Arm’s soaring stock

[Reuters] Fitch fires credit rating warning shot across UK's bows

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australia’s Services Inflation to Cool Only Gradually, RBA Says

[FT] Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey sees signs of ‘somewhat stronger ’ UK growth

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Nasdaq nears all-time high; Nvidia beats Amazon's market value

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Trades Little Changed Near $77 on Mixed Geopolitical Signals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] S&P 500 Keeps Rising to Defy Valuation Warnings: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Budget Gap Widens 16% in First Four Months of Fiscal Year

[Reuters] NY Fed survey finds stability in January inflation expectations

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A $700 Billion Insurance Product Is Powering the US Credit Market Rally

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Officials Eye ‘Broadening’ Disinflation as New Rate-Cut Test

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Traders Need to Price In Risk of Future Fed Hikes, Citigroup Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Great Inflation Hedge Unwind Sees TIPS ETFs Shrink $43 Billion