Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Treasuries Gain as Middle East Conflict Boils: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil dips as supply fallout from Israel war seen contained so far

[Reuters] Israeli shelling hits south Lebanon after Hezbollah rocket fire

[CNN] Live Updates: Israel hammers Gaza with airstrikes as Hamas' atrocities revealed

[AP] Israeli strikes demolish entire Gaza neighborhoods as only power plant in territory runs out of fuel

[CNN] US and allies warn militant group Hezbollah against escalating Hamas-Israel conflict

[CNBC] Wholesale inflation rose 0.5% in September, more than expected

[Reuters] US House Republicans seek to unite around a new speaker

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Mortgage Rate Climbs to Fresh Multi-Decade High of 7.67%

[CNBC] Adjustable-rate mortgage demand spiked last week. Here’s why.

[Yahoo Finance] Banks need to prove how they can survive higher-for-longer rates

[Reuters] Morning Bid: A window into the Fed's thinking

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] IMF Latest: IMF Sees Inflation, Growth Risks If War Widens

[Reuters] Analysis: China property creditors face worsening restructuring terms as sector recovery hopes sour

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Budget Revision Would Mark ‘Sea Change’ in Fiscal Strategy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China On Course to Sell Record Yuan Sovereign Debt Offshore

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Higher-for-Longer Rates Worry World Bank Over Large Debt Burdens

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yellen Says US Is Not Ruling Out New Sanctions Against Iran

[Reuters] A brief history of Gaza's 75 years of woe

[Reuters] NATO to respond if Baltic Sea pipeline damage deliberate -alliance chief

[Bloomberg] Largest US Banks Grapple With Worst Write-Offs in Three Years

[Bloomberg] Rice Market Braces for More Stress as El NiƱo Starts to Bite

[WSJ] As Israel Bombards Gaza, Fears of Humanitarian Disaster Mount

[WSJ] U.S. Grapples With Political Gridlock as Crises Mount

[WSJ] Muni Funds That Use Borrowed Money Take a Big Hit

[FT] IMF urges governments to cut deficits to dent inflation

[FT] Investment grade ETFs suffer second-highest outflows on record

[FT] The Fed tool that is having a powerful impact

Tuesday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise as Wall Street Dials Back Fed Wagers: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Have Banner Day on Signs Fed Rate Hikes May Be Done

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steadies Near $86 After Initial Jolt From Israel-Hamas War

[Reuters] Israel prepares ground offensive; Biden pledges support after Hamas attacks

[Reuters] Israel fires back after Syrian shells land in Israeli territory -military

[Reuters] Kashkari: 'possible' higher bond yields mean Fed can do less

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street gains as Fed officials strike dovish tone

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Israel Latest: Biden Assures Netanyahu of US Support in Call

[Reuters] Fed will stay 'on the job' to reduce inflation, Waller says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Is Determined to Bring Inflation Back to 2% Target, Waller Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] World Is Dominated by Junk Government Bonds After US Downgrade

[Reuters] Finland says 'outside activity' likely damaged gas pipeline, telecoms cable