Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Fall as Energy Companies Drop; Ruble Slides

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Sink With Aussie While U.S. Futures Signal Reprieve

[Bloomberg] China's Stocks Erase Heavy Loss Before WWII Holidays

[Bloomberg] Ruble Falls Second Day as Citigroup Sees Further Weakness on Oil

[Bloomberg] PBOC Said to Include Swaps, Options in Yuan Reserve Requirement

[Bloomberg] Welcome to Quantitative Tightening as $12 Trillion Reserves Fall

[Reuters] Forex reserves unwind could reverse bond super cycle

[FT] Risk parity funds suffer a cruel summer

[FT] China move to apportion blame for market rout spooks investors

[UK Guardian] Jitters as Australian economy grows by just 0.2% in June quarter

[Dow Jones] Brazil's Industrial Production Falls 1.5% in July

[Bloomberg] Turkey Gloom Seen in Yields Above Russia as Inflation Risks Grow

[Bloomberg Video] Marc Faber: There Is No Safe Asset Anymore

[FT] Malaysia’s economic frailty is all too familiar

[Reuters] On eve of World War Two par

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Futures Signal More Pain

[FT] US corporate bonds going through a barren stretch

[Reuters] Hit by cheap oil, Canada's economy falls into recession

[NYT] U.S. Markets Dive Amid Worries About China

[WSJ] China Boosts Efforts to Keep Money at Home

[Bloomberg] China Hedge Funds Face Worst Month in 16 Years After Carnage