Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sunday's News LInks

[Reuters] Thirteen cases detected in Netherlands as Omicron variant spreads

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Dutch Find 13 Omicron Cases; Strain Sweeps Europe: Virus Update

[Reuters] UK, Germany and Italy detect Omicron variant cases, Israel closes borders

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Virus Variant Sends Mideast Stocks Into Nosedive After Oil Slump

[AP]COVID variant spreads to more countries as world on alert

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Jobs Report Expected to Show Another Strong Increase: Eco Week Ahead

[CNBC] Black Friday shopping in stores drops 28% from pre-pandemic levels as shoppers spread spending throughout the season

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Markets Face Weeks of Uncertainty in Wait for Omicron Answers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bears Rule Emerging Markets as Central Banks Battle New Variant

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Traders Focus on the Fed’s Inflation Fight Even Amid Omicron Fear

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe’s Energy Crisis Is About to Get Worse as Winter Arrives

[Reuters] Taiwan scrambles to see off Chinese air force as Xi meets top brass

[WSJ] Black Friday Rout Shows Dangers of Margin Borrowing

[WSJ] Buyout Boom Gains Steam in Record Year for Private Equity

[WSJ] The Evergrande Blueprint Worked for Other Chinese Developers, Until It Didn’t

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] Two cases of coronavirus Omicron variant detected in Britain

[Reuters] Suspected Omicron coronavirus case found in Germany

[Reuters] Dutch test for new variant after finding 61 COVID cases among South Africa passengers

[AP] High alert: World scurries to contain new COVID variant

[AP] South African scientists brace for wave propelled by omicron

[Reuters] Concerns over COVID variant trigger more travel curbs on southern Africa

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Melt-Up Markets Have a Lot to Unwind Should Covid Scare Stick

[Reuters] Wall St Week Ahead: COVID-19 fears reappear as a threat to market

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Black Friday: Algos and Options Turn a Tumble Into a Crash

[Bloomberg] South Africa Considers New Restrictions to Curb Omicron’s Spread

[Bloomberg] The Week That Covid Sucker Punched the World

[Bloomberg] Charting Global Economy: Latin America at Top of Inflation Wave