Thursday, March 9, 2017

Friday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Rise With Treasuries Amid Jobs Data: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] U.S. Jobs, Wages Show Solid Gains in Trump's First Full Month

[Reuters] Traders keep bets on three Fed rate hikes in 2017

[Reuters] South Korea court removes President Park from office over scandal

[Reuters] G20 plan to stave off debt crises stalls as no country takes lead

[Bloomberg] Warning Signs Flash on Best Emerging-Market Stock Gain Since 2012

[WSJ] America Can’t Escape the Debt Vortex

[WSJ] Corporate Insiders Haven’t Been This Uninterested in Buying Stocks Since Ronald Reagan Was President

[WSJ] Stock Buybacks Are So Yesterday

[FT] Risky US corporate debt loses shine

[FT] ECB rate rise expectations leap after Draghi signals

[Reuters] Cruise control: China squeezes South Korea as boats and planes stay away

[Reuters] China stealth jet enters service, navy building 'first class' fleet

[WSJ] Fukushima Mysteries Rattle Japan’s Nuclear Industry

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Treasuries Slump Worsens Before Jobs as Oil Drops: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil drops to lowest since OPEC deal, U.S. crude below $50/bbl

[Bloomberg] Gold Slides Below $1,200 in Longest Losing Run Since October

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Faces Fight as Greek Opposition Won't Back New Measures

[Bloomberg] China's `Stable, Solid' Yuan Faces Five Key Threats This Year

[NYT] As E.C.B. Charts Economic Course, Politics Complicate the Picture

[Bloomberg] The OPEC Deal Is Facing Its Biggest Test

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Comfort Just Reached Its Highest Level in a Decade