Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Watch for Junk-Bond Air Pockets as Sprint Spirals Downward

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Rally With Currencies Before Fed as China Jumps

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan Stops China Synthetic Shorts After Regulatory Crackdown

[Bloomberg] China Scraps Overseas Debt Quotas After Capital Outflows Worsen

[Reuters] ECB says QE relatively small so far, has scope - Constancio

[Bloomberg] FedEx Trims 2016 Forecast as First-Quarter Earnings Fall Short

[Bloomberg] Brazil's July Retail Sales Decline for Sixth Straight Month

[Bloomberg] Brazilian Court Said to Lean Toward Rejecting Rousseff Accounts

[FT] Doubts rise over China’s official GDP growth rate

[CNBC] China takes aim at automated trading in commodities futures

[Bloomberg] SE Asian Billionaires Feel Pain of Devaluation With Interest Bills Rising

[AFR] Chinese retreat from Australian property as capital controls bite

[FT] Call for China to tweak ‘nine-dash line’

[Bloomberg] China Still Reclaiming Land in South China Sea: CSIS

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Yellen's Former Aide Says a Rate Hike Would Be a Serious Error

[Bloomberg] U.S. 2-Year Yields Reach Highest Since 2011 as Fed Meeting Looms

[Bloomberg] No Escape for China Hedge Funds Overwhelmed by Stocks Collapse

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Water Agency Pays Premium to Refinance Bank Loan

[CNBC] Hayman Capital's Bass: China's real problem is its banking sector

[FT] Hairy times for Petrobras bond investors

[Reuters] ECB's Weidmann-Cheap Money Cannot Spur Sustained Growth

[Washington Post] Dining with the frenemy: high steaks at state dinner for China

[Bloomberg] Putin Says Fighting Islamic State in Syria Is Top Priority