Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Exclusive: Wary of natural disaster, NY Fed bulks up in Chicago

[Bloomberg] Greek Talks Resume Amid Concern Reform Deadline Won’t Be Met

[Bloomberg] Swelling Distressed Bond Market Crashes U.S. Company Debt Party

[Reuters] Hedge fund money going to venture-backed startups is skyrocketing

[Reuters] Obama warns Iran its fighters in Iraq must answer to Baghdad

[Bloomberg] Oil-Rich Nations Are Selling Off Their Petrodollar Assets at Record Pace

Tuesday's News Links

[FT] Greek short-term bond yields rise sharply

[Bloomberg] Greece Is Risk for Euro Area as Contagion Possible, Knot Says

[Bloomberg] China Foreign-Exchange Assets Decline for Third Straight Quarter

[Bloomberg] Yen Strengthens as Abe Adviser Says 105 Per Dollar Appropriate

[Bloomberg] Europe's Richest Fight Off Dropping Euro as Markets Surge

[Bloomberg] Yen’s Drop Is Approaching Its Limit, Says Abe Adviser Hamada

[Bloomberg] China Junk Bonds Pose Most Risk Since ’04 on Credit-Quality Dips

[Bloomberg] China Walks $264 Billion Tightrope as Margin Debt Powers Stocks

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Link Is No Match for 44% One-Day Score in Chinese IPOs

[Bloomberg View] China's Great Wall of Sand

[Bloomberg] German 10-Year Yields Approach Zero With ECB Set for QE Update

[CNBC/FT] Fed official warns ‘flash crash’ could be repeated

[Bloomberg] Prudential Chief Echoes Dimon Saying Liquidity Is Top Worry

[Washington Post] Fighting in eastern Ukraine rages on overnight despite talks

[Reuters] Kremlin confirms oil-for-goods swap with Iran under way

[Bloomberg] Putin’s Mideast Gains Trump $27 Billion Loss From Iran Agreement

[Reuters] China farm pollution worsens, despite moves to curb excessive fertilisers, pesticides

[USAT] Hank Paulson: Economic challenges, China — and the birds

[Reuters] U.S. SEC investigating sale of complex securities to mom-and-pop investors -official

[Bloomberg] U.S. Drug Spending Increases Most in 13 Years to $373.9 Billion