Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Selloff Deepens After Fed Warning, BOE Rate Hike: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar rallies as Fed signals more rate hikes; pound drops

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Reopening Is Dominant Theme as Traders Seek an End to Rout

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Drops as More Rate Hikes Overshadow Tightening Fuel Market

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Services Gauge Falls to Lowest Since May 2020 as Orders Cool

[Reuters] U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; layoffs pick up in October

[CNBC] Labor costs show slower rise, while trade deficit widens and jobless claims nudge lower

[Reuters] Bank of England makes historic rate hike despite 'very challenging' outlook

[Reuters] Frigid winter? New Englanders will pay through frozen noses for oil and gas

[Reuters] Ukrainians say nuclear plant again cut off from grid after Russian shelling

[Reuters] Ukraine Latest: Russia’s Central Bank Denies Systems Were Hacked

[Reuters] China's services activity skids in October on COVID restrictions - Caixin PMI

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Property Bonds Are ‘No Longer Analyzable’ as Crisis Grows

[Reuters] China says U.S. has 'no right' to interfere in Hamburg port deal

[Reuters] Bank of England readies for biggest rate rise since 1989

[Reuters] Credit Suisse warns of potential profitability drop

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Lagarde Says Recession Alone Won’t Tame Inflation: ECB Update

[Reuters] Canada orders three Chinese firms to exit critical minerals deals

[Reuters] Turkey's inflation hits 24-year high of 85.5% after rate cuts

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Mystery Whales Baffle Gold Market After Central Bank Purchases

[Reuters] North Korea fires suspected ICBM, warns U.S. against 'dangerous' choices

[Reuters] North Korea: U.S. and South Korea air drills terrible mistake

[WSJ] Federal Reserve Hikes by 0.75 Point, Signals Slower Increases but Ultimately Higher Rates

[WSJ] Plenty of Jobs Still Available on Main Street

[FT] How long can Japan’s central bank defy global market forces?

[FT] Interest rates are returning to the old normal

[FT] The rise and rise of currency hedging raises a financial system risk

[FT] Germany’s Uniper reports one of biggest losses in corporate history

[FT] China’s closed-loop crisis: ‘I’m human, not a machine’

[FT] I spent 10 days in a secret Chinese Covid detention centre

Wednesday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] S&P 500 Suffers Worst ‘Fed Day’ Since January 2021: Markets Wrap 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Powell Sees Higher Peak for Rates, Path to Slow Tempo of Hikes

[Reuters] Fed's Powell: 'Ultimate level' of rates likely higher than earlier estimates

[Yahoo Finance] Fed hikes interest rates 75 basis points again, Powell says 'very premature' to talk about pause

[Reuters] Fed's Powell: 'Soft landing' chances have narrowed

[AP] Fed unleashes another big rate hike but hints at a pullback

[CNBC] Full recap of the latest Fed rate hike and Chair Jerome Powell’s market-moving news conference

[Bloomberg] Bait-and-Switch Powell Puts Lights Out on Half-Hour Market Party

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russia Agrees to Resume Grain Export Deal

[Reuters] Bolsonaro backers call on Brazil military to intervene after Lula victory

[Reuters] North Korea fires multiple ballistic missiles, residents in Japan told to shelter

[WSJ] Fed Tries to Thread the Needle, Drawing Blood

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[CNBC] Dow surges 300 points after the Fed hints at possible slower tightening policy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Edges Higher On Crude Stock Drop as Market Waits for Fed

[CNBC] Fed hikes by another three-quarters of a point, taking rates to the highest level since January 2008

[Reuters] Fed delivers big rate hike, signals possible smaller increases ahead

[CNBC] Here’s what changed in the new Fed statement

[Reuters] Record central bank buying lifts global gold demand, WGC says

[Reuters] Putin: We could quit grain deal again, but would not block grain for Turkey

[Reuters] U.S. Treasury continues to assess bond buybacks to improve liquidity

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Car Loan Rates Head for 14-Year High in New Barrier for Buyers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] How a Mysterious China Screenshot Spurred $450 Billion Rally

[CNN] China is caught in a zero-Covid trap of its own making

[Reuters] Videos showing Iranian crackdown on protesters go viral as anger grows

[Bloomberg] Labor Data Is Beating Expectations at The Fastest Pace In Seven Months

[Bloomberg] Gensler’s Warning to Market Players: SEC’s Crackdown Is Just Getting Started

[Bloomberg] How Bank of England Monetary Policy Isn’t Working as Intended

[Bloomberg] Who Are The Mystery Buyers Responsible For Central Bank Gold Boom?

[NYT] A Capital Draped in Darkness