Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friday's News Links

[BBC] BBC forecasts UK vote to leave EU

[Bloomberg] U.K. Votes For Brexit as European Order Ruptured, BBC Says

[Bloomberg] U.K. Backs Brexit as Cameron Resigns After Historic Rupture

[Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Set for Worst Drop Since 2008 as U.K. Votes Leave

[Bloomberg] Brexit Stuns Finance Chiefs as European Bank Stocks Plunge

[Bloomberg] European Periphery Stocks Tumble Most in World After Brexit Vote

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stock Futures Tumble Amid Global Selloff After Brexit Vote

[Bloomberg] Carney Discusses Additional Measures - Analysts Hear Rate Cuts

[Bloomberg] Brexit Infects Global Markets as Unprecedented Moves Accumulate

[Reuters] Sterling hits lowest in three decades, yen surges as Brexit slams markets

[Reuters] Oil prices dive as Britain votes to leave EU

[CNBC] Futures imply S&P, Nasdaq to open down 5% after UK votes to leave EU

[Bloomberg] HSBC, Standard Chartered Lead Asia Bank Rout as U.K. Votes ‘Out’

[Daily Mail] Gold soars, oil tumbles as voting indicates UK on cusp of Brexit

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Tumble Most Since August as BBC Projects Brexit

[FT] Britain plunges into constitutional crisis after vote to leave EU

[NYT] Turbulence and Uncertainty for the Market After ‘Brexit’

[FT] The referendum gamble that left David Cameron’s career in tatters

[FT] Brexit deals a grievous blow to the international order

[Reuters] Sinn Fein says British vote to leave EU intensifies case for united Ireland vote

[Reuters] Our turn for a referendum, says French far right FN

[MarketWatch] Italy's Northern League seeks vote on EU

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Pound, FTSE Futures Drop More Than 5% With Leave Leading in Polls

[FT] Betting markets have switched dramatically in the last few minutes - now favour a Leave result

[Reuters] Sterling tumbles, bonds surge as early Brexit results put Leave ahead

[Bloomberg] Pound Tumbles Most Since 2009 on EU Voting in Northeast England

[Bloomberg] Yen Soars to Almost Two-Year High as U.K. Releases Vote Results

[Bloomberg] Global Markets Lurch as Early Results Favor Brexit; Gold Jumps

[Reuters] Polls close in UK referendum, UKIP leader sees Remain victory

[Bloomberg] Markets Priced for Pain on a ‘Leave’ Vote as Countdown Begins

[Bloomberg] Live Now: Results of Britain’s Brexit Referendum

[UK Telegraph] EU referendum: Will it be Brexit? Exit poll and results live

[BBC] Polling day: Latest updates

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Jump as Havens Slide After Release of EU Referendum Polls

[UK Guardian] EU referendum polling day: last opinion poll shows four-point remain lead - live

[Bloomberg] Brexit Referendum Finally Arrives After Months of Division

[Reuters] Japan's June flash manufacturing PMI contracts for fourth straight month

[Reuters] BOJ's Kiuchi Calls for Review of Negative Rates, Inflation Goal Timing

[Bloomberg] China Says Rapid Debt Deleveraging Can Bring its Own Risks

[FT] China bankruptcies surge as government targets zombie enterprises

[Mercury News] California's skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

[WSJ] S&P 500 Firms Spent $161.4 Billion on Share Buybacks in the First Quarter

[Reuters] U.S. warns China against provocations once court rules on sea claims

[Reuters] Electoral surge of far left likely to shake up Spanish politics