Monday, April 3, 2017

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Global Stocks Fall After Weak Car Sales, Yen Rises: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] The Danger of a Sell-off in U.S. Stocks Grows

[Bloomberg] Trade Deficit in U.S. Narrows in February to Four-Month Low

[Reuters] Harker, joining chorus, says Fed could trim bond portfolio this year

[Bloomberg] Ryan’s Border Tax on the Ropes as Trump Ponders Overhaul Plan

[Reuters] 'Not natural friends': Trump, Xi will be 'odd couple' at first summit

[LA Times] As he gets ready to meet Trump in Florida, China's Xi Jinping has a lot to worry about

[Washington Post] New CBO numbers offer a dose of reality on tax reform

[NYT] Within Hours, Plans for a Quiet Corner of China Send Home Prices Soaring

[WSJ] European Debt’s Biggest Buyer Becomes Its Biggest Risk

[FT] Franco-German short term yield spreads blow out to eurozone crisis high

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Set to Drift Lower as Yen Strengthens: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Wall St. slips after U.S. states challenge Trump on energy efficiency

[Reuters] Global debt hits $215 trillion in 2016, led by emerging markets: IIF

[Bloomberg] Student-Debt Overhang Is Pushing Down U.S. Rates, Dudley Says

[CNBC] Put me in, coach: Money is pouring into the market from the sidelines

[CNBC] Homeowners are pulling cash out again; this time it’s the millennials

[Reuters] 'Innovative financing' sours dairy giant in China's rural northeast

[Bloomberg] Tech Overthrows Financials as King of Emerging Markets

[Reuters] Latest rift in Greek bailout talks dashes hopes for deal in Malta

[Bloomberg] South Africa Cut to Junk for the First Time Since 2000

[NYT] Trump Is Ready for Tax Cuts, but His Treasury Department Isn’t

[WSJ] This Volatility Warning Has a Different Ring to It Today

[FT] China’s ‘bad banks’ thrive as alternative lenders

[FT] Donald Trump’s North Korea warning sparks concern in Asia

[FT] Italian bond yields rise as traders focus on political worries