Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Lift June Fed-Hike Bets to 40% on Fedspeak: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Rebound in US regional bank stocks fizzles out

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steadies as US Debt Optimism Offsets Crude Stockpile Build

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Turkey’s Debt Risk Surges as Nation Looks to Runoff Election

[CNBC] McCarthy says House could vote on debt ceiling deal as soon as next week

[CNBC] Home sales fell in April as buyers contended with high prices, fluctuating mortgage rates

[Reuters] U.S. existing home sales post second straight monthly decline

[Reuters] US weekly jobless claims fall; labor market still tight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Poised for Big Upgrade to Outlook Despite Swirling Risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] A $1 Trillion T-Bill Deluge Is Painful Risk of a Debt-Limit Deal

[Reuters] US banks rethink social media as a threat, not a marketing tool

[Reuters] At Japan's G7 summit, the big elephants are China and Russia

[Reuters] Japan's export growth hits two-year low on weak China demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Recap: Russia Launches New Attacks on Kyiv, Other Cities

[AP] China’s loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse

[Reuters] ADB warns China it risks wasting money on state-led growth

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australian Unemployment Climbs, Reducing Rate-Hike Pressure

[Bloomberg] NYC’s Record-Breaking Rents Squeeze Tenants Across Boroughs

[FT] Failure to spot inflation dents central banks’ credibility

[FT] Global chipmakers to expand in Japan as tech decoupling accelerates

Wednesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall St rallies on debt ceiling optimism, regional bank rise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Homebuilder Stocks Soar to New Highs on Insatiable Demand for Housing

[AP] Biden declares ‘America will not default,’ says he’s confident of budget deal with GOP lawmakers

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury's Plunging Cash Pile Raises Risk of Early June X-Date

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Commercial Real Estate Prices in the US Fall for First Time Since 2011

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Collateralized Loan Obligations Face Lowest Profitability in Years

[Yahoo Finance] Used-car market in ‘uncharted territory’ as high prices remain sticky, Edmunds says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] New Jersey Cuts Revenue Forecast by $2.3 Billion on Income Tax

[CNBC] Target expects organized retail crime-fueled losses to jump by $500 million this year

[Bloomberg] More Than a Third of American Homes Struggle to Make Ends Meet, Census Says

[AP] Trust in Supreme Court fell to lowest point in 50 years after abortion decision, poll shows

[Bloomberg] Wall Street’s Biggest Banks Face a Harsh Reality Check in China

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall St gains as regional banks bounce, cautious optimism on debt talks 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Advances as Risk-On Sentiment Outweighs US Inventory Build

[Reuters] Biden, McCarthy aim for deal on US debt ceiling by Sunday

[Reuters] Analysis: Overexposed US regional banks could sell commercial property loans

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Debt-Limit Fight Undermines US Pitch of Stability to Allies Wary of China

[Reuters] Global debt on the rise, emerging markets cross $100 trillion mark, trade group says

[Yahoo Finance] First Republic CEO on bank’s collapse: ‘Everything changed overnight’

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Risk of Summer Blackouts Stretches Into US Southeast for First Time