Sunday, January 15, 2023

Tactical Short Conference Call Today

Please join Doug Noland and David McAlvany Thursday, January 19th, at 4:00 pm Eastern/ 2:00 pm Mountain time for the Tactical Short Q4 recap conference call, “Q4 Review and 2023 Preview.” Click here to register. 

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Stocks Rise as US Futures Signal Caution: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Advance Takes Breather as Investors Assess China Reopening

[Reuters] Yen surges on BOJ policy shift speculations; dollar slides to seven-month low

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Option Cost Jumps to Three-Year High on BOJ Surprise Concern

[Reuters] Analysis: Bank of Japan's yield curve control in danger as policy backfires

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Eye Chance of More BOJ Tweaks With ‘Pandora’s Box Open’

[Reuters] Explainer: How does Japan's yield curve control work?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Economists say BOJ's Amamiya is top governor candidate, tightening this week unlikely

[Reuters] China braces for COVID holiday surge as people leave megacities for hometowns

[Reuters] China's Dec home prices fall, more supportive policies likely

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Bad-Debt Firms Plan Property Support of Up to $24 Billion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Wrong on Rate Cut Bets, BlackRock Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB’s Rehn Says Acting Swiftly Now Can Avoid ‘Volcker Shock’

[Reuters] Russia-Belarus to conduct 'defensive' air drills, sparking fear in Kyiv of new offensive

[Reuters] Household wealth optimism collapses, global survey shows

[CNBC] The richest 1% of people amassed almost two-thirds of new wealth created in the last two years, Oxfam says

[Reuters] Analysis: Russia's falling oil revenues could create vicious circle for budget, rouble

[Bloomberg] Gold Is Getting Its Glitter Back

[FT] US regulators crack down on private equity securitisation vehicles

[FT] What the end of the US shale revolution would mean for the world

Sunday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Asia Stocks Set for Support From Wall Street Rally: Markets Wrap 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steadies as Investors Assess the Impact of China’s Reopening

[Reuters] House Speaker says Democrats should cap spending to avoid U.S. debt default

[Reuters] California braces for final burst of heavy snow and rain

[Reuters] IMF says fragmentation could cost global economy up to 7% of GDP

[Reuters] Peru extends state of emergency in protest-hit cities

[Bloomberg] Xi Faces Dilemma as China Quietly Detains Young Covid Protesters

[WSJ] Economy Week Ahead: U.S. Retail Sales, Home Sales and Inflation Abroad in Focus

[WSJ] Energy, Chips, Taiwan: Flashpoints for 2023 in a Fractured World

[FT] Top global companies write down billions as deals make way for gloom

[FT] Taiwan presidential contender seeks to calm US concerns