Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Factbox: Euro zone has tight timeline for deal to save Greece

[Bloomberg] Greek Samurai Bonds Signal Imminent Default as Rescue Hope Fades

[Reuters] BRICS vow to coordinate actions to protect their economies

[Reuters] Russia is top U.S. national security threat - U.S. Gen. Dunford

[Bloomberg] China’s Stocks Cap Biggest Gain Since 2009 as Volatility Surges

[Reuters] Asia stocks rise as China fall stemmed, yen off highs

[Reuters] Greece Latest-EU's Tusk says debt issue must be part of a final Greek deal

[NYT] The Latest: Merkel Rejects Any Outright Debt Cut for Greece

[Reuters] Draghi said to doubt Greek solution as Tsipras reforms awaited

[FT] Bundesbank’s Weidmann warns Greek banks concerns ‘rising by day’

[Bloomberg] This Doomsday Deadline for Greece Might Actually Count

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Stuck Between a German Rock and a Greek Left Hard Place

[Bloomberg] China's Gray Market in Margin Lending Is Probably Massive

[CNBC] IMF revises down expected 2015 global growth

[Bloomberg] China Junk Bond Premiums Gap Most in Two Months Amid Stock Rout

[Bloomberg] Asian Millionaires Are Dumping Chinese Junk Bonds

[Bloomberg] Who Blew Up China’s Stock Bubble?

[Bloomberg] China's Market Meddling Makes Yuan Look Like a Poor Reserve Currency

[Bloomberg] Mining’s $143 Billion Stock Rout Signals Escalating China Fears

[NYT] Bad Math and a Coming Public Pension Crisis

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Japanese Stocks Plunge as Yen Jumps Amid Flight to Safest Assets

[Reuters] Asia extends losses as China woes spread, yen shoots up

[Reuters] Exclusive: Greek banks face closures, bailout or not - sources

[Bloomberg] China Headwinds Collide With Greece to Stymie Emerging Borrowers

[NYT, Eavis] Greek Debt Dispute Highlights Prospect of a Euro Exit

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Tumble as China Equities Rout Spurs Growth Concern

[Reuters] Chinese ADRs Continue to Fall; Hedging Demand Soars

[Washington Post] NYSE resumes trading after unprecedented shutdown

[Washington Post] Outage raises new worries for financial markets

[Bloomberg] Fed Officials Tempered Economy Optimism With Greece Concern

[Bloomberg] This Chart Shows How Complex the U.S. Stock Market Has Become

[NYT, Irwin] The Problem With China’s Efforts to Prop Up Its Stock Market

[Reuters] U.S. spy agency tapped German chancellery for decades: WikiLeaks