Saturday, May 7, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Ukrainian fighters at besieged Azovstal plant vow to fight till the end

[CNBC] Employees everywhere are organizing. Here’s why it’s happening now

[Reuters] Explainer: How the U.S. could tighten sanctions on Russia

[Reuters] 'Stop asking why': Shanghai tightens COVID lockdown, Beijing keeps testing

[Reuters] Shanghai tightens lockdown to hit zero-COVID goal by late May

[AP] S Korea's next leader faces escalating N Korean nuke threat

[Bloomberg] China Premier Warns of ‘Grave’ Jobs Situation as Lockdowns Bite

[WSJ] The Tech Industry’s Epic Two-Year Run Sputters

[WSJ] Market’s 2022 Slide Has Already Changed Investor Behavior

[WSJ] Electricity Shortage Warnings Grow Across U.S.

[WSJ] Hospitals Look to Raise Treatment Costs as Nurses’ Salaries Increase

[WSJ] Crypto Prices Slump Over the Weekend

[FT] Shanghai lockdown tests Xi Jinping’s loyalties in China’s Communist party 

[FT] Beijing-backed hardliner John Lee chosen as Hong Kong’s next leader

Saturday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Plenty of Catalysts to Help Push Treasury Rates Above 2018 Highs

[Reuters] Ukraine says all women, children now evacuated from Mariupol steel mill

[Reuters] Six missiles hit Ukraine's coastal city Odesa

[Reuters] Putin believes 'doubling down' will improve Ukraine war outcome, CIA director says

[Bloomberg] China’s Covid Lockdowns Disrupt Global Supply Chains: Eco Week

[FT] CIA director says China ‘unsettled’ by Ukraine war

Saturday's News Links

[AP] Ukraine braces for escalated attacks ahead of Russia’s V-Day

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Gazprom Reassures Buyers; Croatia Oil Ban Delay

[Reuters] Senior Russian lawmaker says U.S. directly involved in Ukraine fighting

[Reuters] Fed hawks Waller, Bullard push back on 'behind the curve' view

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russia Can’t Shake Default Risk After Last-Minute Bond Payment

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Big Oil Spends on Investors, Not Output, Prolonging Crude Crunch

[Reuters] Beijing kicks off fresh round of COVID tests as Shanghai postpones crucial exams

[Reuters] Wall St Week Ahead: Battered U.S. stocks may not be bargains as investors brace for inflation data

[CNN] California reservoirs: The state's two largest are already at 'critically low levels' and the dry season is just starting

[Reuters] California says it needs more power to keep the lights on

[Reuters] Two or three rate hikes this year appropriate, European Central Bank's Holzmann says

[Newsweek] Ukraine's Ports Must Be Reopened or Millions Face Starvation Warns UN

[MSN/WP] Coronavirus wave this fall could infect 100 million, administration warns

[Reuters] North Korea fires likely submarine-launched ballistic missile, South Korea says

[WSJ] Russia Says It Is Targeting Western Military Supplies in Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region

[WSJ] The U.S. Economy Is Desperately Seeking Workers

[WSJ] Oil Prices Top $100, Yet Some Big U.S. Frackers Let Their Production Fall

[WSJ] Destructive Spring Fires in New Mexico Are Driven by Extreme Winds

[FT] Western banks prepare for $10bn hit in retreat from Russia