Monday, July 1, 2019

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Relief rally fades as growth fears loom

[Reuters] Oil falls on demand worries even as OPEC, allies extend cuts

[Reuters] Gold gains as weak economic data hints at global slowdown

[Reuters] Treasuries - U.S. bond yields fall in early U.S. trading

[Reuters] USTR proposes $4 billion in potential additional tariffs over EU aircraft subsidies

[Reuters] Rich get richer, everyone else not so much in record U.S. expansion

[Reuters] China says only small number of firms moving supply chains out of the country

[Reuters] China to use RRR cuts to help reduce funding costs for small firms: Premier Li

[AP] Australia’s central bank cuts key interest rate 0.25% to 1%

[Reuters] Trump says Iran 'playing with fire' with uranium enrichment

[CNBC] IMF’s Lagarde in the running to replace Draghi at the ECB

[Reuters] China condemns violent Hong Kong protests as 'undisguised challenge' to its rule

[Reuters] UK warns China of serious consequences if Hong Kong rights not honored

[Reuters] Chinese newspaper calls for 'zero tolerance' over HK protests

[Bloomberg] Trump-Xi Love Arrives Too Late to Repair Trade-War Damage

[Bloomberg] ECB Policy Makers See No Rush for July Interest-Rate Cut

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong on Edge After Historic Night of Vandalism and Tear Gas

[NYT] $2 Trillion Worth of Deals Were Struck in the First Half of 2019, but Caution Crept In

[WSJ] Trade Progress Hides Undercurrent of Risks for Investors

[WSJ] Decline in Share Buybacks Deals Blow to Stock Market

[FT] Danger lurks beneath the consensus on Fed’s next rate move

[FT] Stocks are marching higher but corporate profits are not

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] USTR proposes $4 billion in potential additional tariffs over EU aircraft subsidies

[Reuters] Wall Street ends with gains on renewed trade hopes

[Reuters] Oil steadies on OPEC cuts, but oversupply fears persist

[Reuters] Trump says any China trade deal would need to be somewhat tilted in U.S. favor

[CNBC] Companies are warning that earnings results are going to be brutal

[AP] Why wealth gap has grown despite record-long economic growth

[Reuters] Hong Kong police fire tear gas in running battles after protesters trash legislature

[Bloomberg] Asia’s Banks Must Brace for Worsening Storm, McKinsey Says

[WSJ] Bond Exchange-Traded Funds Pass $1 Trillion in Assets

[WSJ] American Suburbs Swell Again as a New Generation Escapes the City

[FT] Turkey and the US are heading for a high stakes crisis

[FT] Global manufacturing slump deepens as trade conflict bites