Sunday, June 21, 2015

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greek Stocks Lead European Shares Higher as Altice Jumps on M&A

[Bloomberg] Credit Risk Indicators Fall as Greek Plan Stokes Deal Optimism

[Reuters] Asia cheers Greece's 11th-hour proposals to avert default

[Reuters] Greece delivers "reasonable" proposal, no final deal seen on Monday

[Bloomberg] ECB Said to Raise Greek Bank Aid Third Time in Less Than a Week

[Bloomberg] Greek Optimism Tempered by Finance Chiefs as Plan Sows Confusion

[Reuters] Any Greece deal must match party manifesto, minister says

[UK Guardian] Creditors offer Greece six-month bailout reprieve as Tsipras weighs response

[NYT] As Deadline Looms, European Central Bank Plays Key Role in Greek Crisis

[BBC] Dire warning from Greek bank boss

[Bloomberg] Abe Aims to Cap Spending Growth to Rein in Japan’s Debt Burden

[Bloomberg] Speculators Retreat From Oil as OPEC Oversupply Crowds Out Shale

[Reuters] Explosive local govt debt issuance threatens China's easing efforts

[Bloomberg] China Margin Debt Shrinks First Time in a Month Amid Stock Rout

[Bloomberg] Shanshui Bonds Tumble to Record Low on Default Risk Amid Rift

[Bloomberg] Carter Says U.S. Can’t Meet Europe’s Security Challenges Alone

[FT] Senior Putin aide warns over Russia-US relations

[Washington Post] Russia warns of deeper rifts with West as Europe extends sanctions

[Reuters] Taliban attacks Afghan parliament

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] Greece offers new proposals ahead of emergency summit

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan: Greece's Financial System Just Had a Terrible Week

[FT] Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Said to Risk Miscalculating Merkel on Greek Aid

[Reuters] Exclusive: Bank of Greece warned bankers of 'difficult' day if no debt deal

[Reuters] Iran's parliament seeks to limit nuclear concessions

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Offers ‘Definitive’ Plan to EU Leaders, Tsipras Says

[Reuters] Greek drama nears final act, ending uncertain

[FT] Affluent Greeks fret as they teeter on the edge

[LA Times] Russia and Greece consider collaborating to circumvent Western sanctions

[AP] Game of chicken over Greece risks slipping out of control

[Reuters] Water wars in California's coastal wine country

[Reuters] Food price surge puts India's Rajan on the back foot