Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Rise, Dollar Slips With Bonds Steady: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Oil Trades at Three-Year High After U.S. Stockpiles Drop Again

[Reuters] U.S. producer prices fall; jobless claims up for fourth straight week

[Bloomberg] ECB Sees Chance of Gradual Shift in Guidance Early This Year

[Bloomberg] China's U.S. Debt Holdings May Be an Ace Card in Trade Dispute

[Bloomberg] China’s Central Bank Adds Funds for the First Time in Three Weeks

[CNBC] China just reminded the United States that Beijing is its banker

[The Hill] Congress barrels toward another shutdown crisis

[Reuters] U.S. corporate bond supply posts slowest start since 2015 - BofA Merrill Lynch

[CNBC] A 10 to 15% stock market correction is virtually unavoidable, Blackstone's Byron Wien warns

[Bloomberg] Intel Says Chip-Security Fixes Leave PCs No More Than 10% Slower

[CNBC] Bitcoin falls 12% as one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency markets readies a bill to ban trading

[Bloomberg] World's Top-Ranked Crypto Exchange Adds 240,000 Users in One Hour

[Bloomberg] German Momentum Gives Another Lift to Europe's Economic Outlook

[CNBC] Chinese media warns the US of 'retaliations' from 'all sides' after new Taiwan bills passed

[NYT] Investors Spooked at Specter of Central Banks Halting Bond-Buying Spree

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Yen Gain to Weigh on Japan Stocks, U.S. Shares Dip: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] U.S. 10-year yields highest since March on China bond holdings fears

[Bloomberg] Crude Advances to Highest Since 2014 as World's Surplus Shrivels

[Bloomberg] Mnuchin's Treasury Is Tested by China's Bond Policy Signals

[Bloomberg] Canada Raises Alarm on Trump Leaving Nafta

[CNBC] Market optimism reaches 'potential danger' sign not seen since 1986

[CNBC] The Fed, worrying about the next recession, considers changes

[FT] US government bond sell-off triggers warnings

[WSJ] For New Fed Chief, Stock Boom May Bring Bubble Déjà Vu