Sunday, September 25, 2016

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Fall as Deutsche Bank Leads Rout in Lenders; Bonds Climb

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank Slumps as Investors Question Lender’s Health

[Bloomberg] Moody’s Cut Spurs Worst Rout for Turkey Assets Since Failed Coup

[Bloomberg] Emerging Assets Drop as Turkish Downgrade Reverberates in Market

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong Stocks Drop Most in Two Weeks as Financial Shares Fall

[Bloomberg] U.S. Bond Market’s Biggest Buyers Are Selling Like Never Before

[Bloomberg] A New Measure of China's Vulnerability

[Bloomberg] PBOC Drains Most Funds in Six Months Amid Debt Curb Speculation

[Bloomberg] Philippine Peso Slides to 2009 Low as Duterte Unnerves Investors

[Bloomberg] A Weaker Currency Is No Longer the Economic Elixir It Once Was

[NYT] Deutsche Bank Denies Seeking Germany’s Help in U.S. Dispute

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank's Pain Is Germany's Too

[WSJ] Profit Slump for S&P 500 Heads for a Sixth Straight Quarter

[WSJ] Fiscal Constraints Await the Next President

[WSJ] Bank of Japan Tries Another Way to Spur Inflation

[FT] City of London fears May government is shifting towards ‘hard’ Brexit

[BBC] Syria conflict: US and UK speeches 'unacceptable' - Russia

[Reuters] U.S., Russia trade blows over Syria as warplanes pound Aleppo

[Bloomberg] Japan Scrambles Jets as China Makes Show of Force in Key Strait

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Drop With Japan as Yen Firms; Energy Shares Decline

[Bloomberg] China Warns on City Bank Risks as Regulator Cites Global Crisis

[Bloomberg] China's Runaway Housing Market Poses Latest Challenge for Yuan

[Bloomberg] Contagion Risks Rise as Chinese Banks Fund Each Others’ Lending

[Bloomberg] Saudi Arabia Injects $5.3 Billion in Bank System Amid Crunch

[Bloomberg] Saudis Willing to Act on ‘Critical’ Oil Market, Algeria Says

[Reuters] Grillo says he is back in charge of Italy's 5-Star Movement

[Reuters] U.S., Russia trade blows over Syria as warplanes pound Aleppo

[FT] Odds widen for Renzi reform gamble

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Gulf Stocks Drop After Skepticism Over Algiers Talks Sinks Crude

[Reuters] Cracks showing in Germany's fragile truce with the ECB

[FT] Mood hardens in Berlin over Brexit demands

[FT] The global pivot towards fiscal policy