Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop, Yields Rise After Inflation Surprise: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Inflation fears stalk stocks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Taiwan Stocks Sink as Much as 8.6% on Virus Woes, Tech Rout

[CNBC] U.S. consumer prices rose 4.2% in April from a year ago, faster than expected

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Transitory or Not, Signs of Inflation Are Roiling Asset Markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Gulf Coast Refineries May Cut Output Due to Colonial Outage

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Iron Ore’s ‘Ridiculous’ Prices to Stay as Fear Grips Commodities

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Gasoline Prices Rise Above $3/Gallon First Time Since 2014

[Reuters] Taiwan warns on rising COVID-19 risk, stocks tank

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Colonial Faces Deadline to Decide on Hacked Pipeline Restart

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] White House Faces Rising Pressure as Gasoline Shortages Grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Taiwan Stock Crash Shows World Dangers of Too Much Leverage

[Reuters] China April loans fall more than expected as c.bank begins scaling back stimulus

[Reuters] China's cabinet says it will cope effectively with fast rise in commodity prices

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Bond Defaults Pile Up at Fastest Pace on Record

[AP] Scientists race to study variants in India as cases explode

[AP] Escalating Mideast violence bears hallmarks of 2014 Gaza war

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Prices Surged in April by Most Since 2009

[WSJ] Housing-Market Surge Is Making the Cheapest Homes the Hottest

[WSJ] U.S. Tariffs Drive Drop in Chinese Imports

[WSJ] Cathie Wood’s ARK Wasn’t Built for a Flood

[WSJ] Tin Prices Soar on Electronics Demand, Shipping Trouble

[FT] Markets weigh prospect of new commodities supercycle

[FT] US spending talks to test Biden’s bipartisan bona fides

[FT] Signs of inflation emerge as Chinese producer prices leap

[FT] Soaring house prices stoke fears of Canada ‘cost of living crisis’

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Inflation woes push U.S. stocks to 1-month low, USD struggle

[CNBC] Nasdaq ends wild day flat after Big Tech reversal, Dow drops 470 points for worst day since February

[Reuters] Pipeline outage causes U.S. gasoline supply crunch, panic buying

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gasoline Shortages Across the U.S. East Are Creeping Northward

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Colonial Faces Day of Reckoning Amid Expanding Gasoline Crisis

[Dow Jones] U.S. Home Prices Surge, Scaring Off Some Potential Buyers

[CNBC] As the U.S. economy restarts from the pandemic, parts of it are severely broken

[Bloomberg] The Options Market May Be Fueling the Turbulence in Tech Shares

[NYT] Gas Pipeline Hack Leads to Panic Buying in the Southeast

[WSJ] U.S. Home Prices Surge, Scaring Off Some Potential Buyers

[FT] Fed governor plays down inflation risks as ‘transitory surge’

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Fall, Dollar Weakens Amid Inflation Angst: Markets Wrap 

[Reuters] Dollar hits fresh 10-week lows ahead of inflation report

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Soybean Futures Touch $16 in Chicago, Highest Since 2012

[Reuters] U.S. job openings vault to record high in March

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gas Pumps Run Dry in U.S. South as Pipeline Shutdown Bites

[CNBC] Stanley Druckenmiller says the Fed is endangering the dollar’s global reserve status

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Home Prices Surge the Most on Record in Buying Frenzy